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Northern Fiddler

Gander's Strut (h'pipe)

Paddy's Rambles Through the Park (air)

Wild Irishman (reel)

Paddy Quigley's Barndance*

Willie Corrigan's* (jig)

Mick McShane's Highland* (h'pipe)

Jimmy Lyons' Highland*

Watchdog at the Gate* (h'pipe)

Brass Band March

Pat Harvey's Mazurka*

Irish Stew* (reel)

King George IV Highland

Teelin Highland 2 (h'pipe)

Lads of Laois (reel)

Piping In the Chapel* (reel)

Merrily Kissed the Quaker (jig)

Milestone Jig

Piping Jig

Francie Quinn's* (slip jig)

Doctor Peter's Hornpipe

Connaught Man in Tyrone* (jig)

Bargain Is Over (jig)

Neil Gow's Strathspey

Séamus Seán Mór's Strathspey*

Cruihagmore Strathspey*

Broken Bridge Hornpipe

Captain Cadbury's Strathspey*

Strength in the Bow* (s'spey)

Bonnie Traveller Strathspey*

Neili Boyle's Highland

Sally Kelly's Reel

Cruit Island Reel*

Meenafanad Reel*

House With No Roof* (slip jig)

Saint John's Eve* (jig)

Flora McDonald's Reel

John McNeil's Reel

Margaret Stuart's Reel

Jude's Bush (reel)

Kitty Gordon's (reel)

Low Park (Hare's Paw) (reel)

Make Your Breakfast (reel)

Four Courts (reel)

Highland Man Who Kissed His Grannie (reel)

Holly Bush (reel)

Drowsy Maggie 1 (reel)

Drowsy Maggie 2 (reel)

Cregg's Pipes (reel)

Billy Rush's Jig

Hardiman's Fancy (jig)

Boys of the Town (jig)

Humors of Glendart (jig)

Drunken Piper (reel)

Drunken Reel

Errigal Braes (reel)

Carrigmore Road* (jig)

Gortmore Jig*

Byrne's Reel

Ballygawley Jig*

McAleer's Jig*

McEnespie's Kitchen* (jig)

Paddy In London (jig)

Lass of Killiecrankie Highland

Steeping the Flax* (polka)

Oul' Jiggy Thing* (jig)

Right Lock of Fiddlers* (h'pipe)

Falcarragh House* (h'pipe)

Mary Kate Cassidy's* (h'pipe)

Humors of Finntown* (reel)

Connie Haughey's* (reel)

By the Fort How Sad Was I (march)

Glenhead Reel*

Mosey McGinley's Reel*

Parish of Kilcar* (reel)

Road to Brighton (reel)

Sleepy Maggie (reel)

Sporting Days of Easter (reel)

Turniskey Lasses (reel)

Loughran's #1* (reel)

Spud Gathering* (reel)

Gallagher's March 1 (jig)

Kildare Fancy (h'pipe)

Gravel Walks to Gran(n)ie (reel)

Brian Boru's March

Miss Johnson's (reel)

Drowsy Maggie 3 (reel)

Five Mile Chase (reel)

Hare in the Corn (reel)

Black Haired Lass (reel)

Cameronian (reel)

Dispute at the Crossroads (Doctor Gilbert's) (reel)

Drops of Brandy (slip jig)

High Road to Dublin* (slip jig)

Black Mare of Fanad (reel)

King of the Pipers 1 (Kilrane) (jig)

Kiss the Maid Behind the Byre (jig)

Policeman's Holiday (jig)

Cat that Kittled in Jamie's Wig (h'pipe)

Ewe With the Crooked Horn (h'pipe)

Darby Gallagher's (jig)

Ned Gallagher's* (reel)

Molloy's (reel)

Tree Full of Stars* (reel)

Paddy's Vision* (reel)

Stormy Weather (reel)

Passing Ship* (reel)

Reel of Rathlin* (reel)

Miss Patterson's Slipper / Roscommon (reel)

Nine Pint Coggie (reel)

Rakish Paddy (reel)

Skirl of the Pipes* (march)

You're Welcome Home Royal Charlie (march)

Monaghan Switch (Ladies of Tullybardee) (reel)

March of the Meeatoiteen Bull

Paps of Glencoe (march)

Up at Dawn* (march)

Bundle and Go (jig)

Grania's Welcome Home part 1 (march)

Grania's Welcome Home part 2 (jig)

Grania's Welcome Home part 3 (reel)

Hawk's Nest* (h'pipe)

Strathy Point* (h'pipe)

Kilcar Fiddlers* (h'pipe)

Atlantic Roar (h'pipe)

Teelin Highland 1 (h'pipe)

Twenty One Highland (h'pipe)

Carndonagh* (h'pipe)

Mickey Nugent's* (h'pipe)

Follow Me Down to Limerick (slip jig)

Heart of Me Kitty (jig)

Ladies of Gormond Highland

Tartan on the Heather Strathspey

Kitty in the Lane Barndance

Fair Donegal* (waltz)

Ghost of Bunglass (air)

Dancing on the Door* (h'pipe)

Francie Welsh's Barndance

Lillie McEvoy's* (barndance)

King Billy's March

Ardara Circus* (march)

Croagh Lasses* (h'pipe)

Cassidys of Teelin* (h'pipe)

Robbie's Cottage* (s'spey)

Hay For the Cow* (barn dance)

Tinker's Yellow Pony* (reel)

Canamine Highland

Fruit of the Vine* (reel)

Templehouse (reel)

Fiddler Doyle's* (reel)

Irish Highland

Ivy Leaf (reel)

Harvest Moon (reel)

Miss Percy's (reel)

Last House of (in) Connaght (reel)

Idle Road (jig)

Hammer the Tin* (jig)

Minestrone Jig*

Humors of Whiskey (slip jig)

Rory O'More (jig)

Knights of St. Patrick 2 (jig)

Two Chimneys* (jig)

Scotsman Over the Border (jig)

Uncle Ned the Rambler* (jig)

Con Cassidy's Reel

Port Cliffs Reel*

Derrylahan Harbor* (reel)

Fair Day in Carrick* (jig)

Con's Basket of Turf (jig)

Kitty in the Lane (reel)

On the Road (reel)

Scotch Mary (reel)

Toss the Feathers (reel)

Moll an Tiarna (reel)

Morning Dew (reel)

Glory Reel

Kiltyfanad Reel

Mary o' the Wisp (reel)

Pipe March

Clear Into Morning* (slip jig)

Penny Dancing* (slip jig)

King William's Rambles (jig)

King of the Pipers (jig)

Tin Fiddle* (h'pipe)

Contented Mind* (h'pipe)

Gallagher's March 2 (jig)

Gusty's Frolics (slip jig)

Knights of St. Patrick 1 (jig)

Paidin O'Rafferty (jig)

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