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The Empire Violin Collection of Hornpipes

Transcription od a printed music book

Empire Hornpipe (Craig 1)

Clog Dance (Craig 2)

Tivoli Hornpipe (Craig 3)

His Majesty's Hornpipe (Craig 4)

American Hornpipe (Craig 5)

Liverpool Hornpipe (Craig 6)

Fishers Hornpipe (Craig 7)

Harvest Home Hornpipe (Craig 8)

Manchester Hornpipe (Craig 9)

Cliff Hornpipe (Craig 10), The

Milicen's Favourite Hornpipe (Craig 11) Milicent's Favourite Belfast Hornpipe

Elk's Hornpipe (Craig 12), The Elk's Festival, The

Minstrel's Hornpipe (Craig 13), The

Sailor's Hornpipe (Craig 14), The

Norfolk Hornpipe

Trumpet Hornpipe (Craig 16)

Jack Tar Hornpipe (Craig 17) Cuckoo's Nest, The

Headlight Clog Dance (Craig 18)

Mountain Sprite Hornpipe or Sand Jig (Craig 19), The

Negro Hornpipe or Sand Jig (Craig 20)

Hole in the Wall Clog Dance (Craig 21)

Violetta Hornpipe (Craig 22)

Concert Hornpipe (Craig 23)

Haymarket Hornpipe (Craig 24)

Saratoga Hornpipe (Craig 25)

College Hornpipe (Craig 26), The

Wonder Hornpipe (Craig 27), The

Washington Hornpipe (Craig 28)

Stop Hornpipe (Craig 29)

Centennial Hornpipe (Craig 30)

President Garfield's Hornpipe

Hampton's Hornpipe (Craig 32)

Whiddon's Hornpipe (Craig 33)

Bamford's Hornpipe (Craig 34)

Hill's Hornpipe (Craig 35)

Bank's Hornpipe (Craig 36)

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