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Thompson 4

Lady of the Manor. THO4.001

Sham Fight. THO4.002

Innocent Maid. THO4.003

New Polones. THO4.004, The

Camp. THO4.005, The

Kingsbridge Assembly. THO4.006 Sailors Are All At The Bar,aka.. THO4.006, The

Artillery Rout or... . THO4.007, The Hopkins Whim. THO4.007

Beautiful Charmer. THO4.008, The

Trip to Easton. THO4.009

Brunetta or .... THO4.010, La Pop the Question. THO4.010 La Brunetta. THO4.010

Doubtful Shepherd. THO4.011, The

Patrick Sarffield, or.... THO4.012 New Lango Lee. THO4.012

Keppel's Delight. THO4.013

First of April. THO4.014, The

Harriot. THO4.015, The

Hey ding a ding. THO4.016

We Will Down With the French. THO4.017 Down With the French,aka. THO4.017

Falmouth Assembly. THO4.018

Installation. THO4.019, The

Pulleys Allmand. THO4.020, Le

Touchstone. THO4.021, The

Victory. THO4.022, The

New Allemand. THO4.023, The

Peggy of the Green. THO4.024

Bromley Bells. THO4.025

Rainbow. THO4.026, The

Once a Night. THO4.027

Dove House. THO4.028, The

Wedding Ring. THO4.029, The

Recruits. THO4.030, The

French Assembly. THO4.031, The

Cranford Lodge. THO4.032

Fandango. THO4.033, The

Miss Hamilton's Reel. THO4.034

Frisky. THO4.035, The

Dress'd Ship. THO4.036, The

Nouvelle Hambourgh. THO4.037, La La Nouvelle Hambourgh. THO4.037

Portsmouth Review. THO4.038

Merry Hunters. THO4.039, The

Queens Night Cap. THO4.040, The

Royal Salute. THO4.041, The

Justice Balance. THO4.042

Boot. THO4.043

Polly Cleveland's Favourite. THO4.044

Lasses of Portsmouth. THO4.045, The

Maccarony Dance. THO4.046

Miss Molly's Gigg. THO4.047

May Day Morn. THO4.048

Don Quicksot. THO4.049

Alderman's Hat. THO4.050, The

New Years Gift. THO4.051, The

Trip to Milan. THO4.052, A

Four Seasons. THO4.053, The

Lango Lee. THO4.054, New

Trip to Castle Howard. THO4.055

Oak's. THO4.056, The

Bonny Sailor. THO4.057, The

Lloyd's Whim. THO4.058

Rival Milk Maids. THO4.059, The

Trip to Gallaway. THO4.060

Dairy Maid. THO4.061, The

Cozeners. THO4.62, The

Gramackree Molly. THO4.063

Wonder. THO4.064, The

Nancy's Frolick. THO4.065

Trip to Virginia. THO4.066, A

Mrs. Hubbard's Allemand. THO4.067

Lady Villier's Delight. THO4.068

Commitee. THO4.069, The

Woodford Assembly. THO4.070

Mullowny's Jigg. THO4.071

Foes Allemand. THO4.072, La

Guardian Angels. THO4.073

Miss Tashis Maggot. THO4.074

Feathers. THO4.075

Liberal Lover. THO4.076

Royal Dozen. THO4.077, The

Fete Champetre. THO4.078

Adieu. THO4.079, The

Now or Never. THO4.080

Jolly Young Waterman. THO4.081, The

Hook or by Crook. THO4.082

Fair Maid of the Inn. THO4.083, The

Who Cares for You. THO4.084

Milk Maid. THO4.085

Contess. THO4.086, La

Comical Fellow. THO4.087, The

St John's Day or.... THO4.88 Parson Darrals Fancy. THO4.88

Sicilian Peasant. THO4.89, The

Harlequin in the Woods. THO4.90

Volatile. THO4.91, The

Wenlock Election. THO.4.92

Regatta. THO4.93, The

Marione. THO4.94

Parting Lovers. THO4.95, The

Brosely Assembly. THO4.96

O The Days When I Was Young. THO4.97

Contrefatte. THO4.98, La

Hunt The Hare. THO4.99

Cupids Frolic. THO4.100

Duenna. THO4.101, The

Bath Carnival. THO4.102

Dusky Night. THO4.103

Pleasures of the Town. THO4.104, The

Petite. THO4.105, La

Mr. Mellish's Dance. THO4.106

Wheatsheaf. THO4.107, The

Happy Captive. THO4.108, The

Bon Ton. THO4.109

Spaniard. THO4.110, The

Mutual Love. THO4.111

Love and Opportunity. THO4.112

Cassino. THO4.113, The

Corporation. THO4.114, The

Lord How's Jigg. THO4.115

Trip to Dublin. THO4.116, The

Jacks Ramble. THO4.117

Trip to Highgate. THO4.118

Trip to Bath Easton. THO4.119, A

Colins Serenade. THO4.120

Christmas Tale. THO4.121, The

School for Scandal. THO4.122, A

Salloon. THO4.123, The

Rose. THO4.124, The

Free Mason. THO4.125, The

Graces. THO4.126, The

Merry Meeting. THO4.127, The

He Stole My Tender Heart Away. THO4.128

Fete du Village. THO4.129, Le

Rosetta. THO4.130, The

Trip to Oatlands. THO4.131

Bird Catchers. THO4.132, The

Trip to the Oaks. THO4.133

Green Park. THO4.134, The

Hive Bonnet. THO4.135, The

Frog & Mouse. THO4.136, The

Social Pow'rs. THO4.137, Ye

He's Aye a Kissing Me. THO4.138

Ton. THO4.139, The

Newport Assembly. THO4.140

Ticonderoga. THO4.141

Who's Afraid. THO4.142

Milesian. THO4.143, The

Bishop. THO4.144, The

Warley Common. THO4.145

Myrtle. THO4.146, The

Flight. THO4.147, The

Lady Charles Spencers Fancy. THO4.148

Barley Mow. THO4.149, The

Runaway. THO4.150, The

Jacksons Morning Brush. THO4.151

Linnen Hall. THO4.152

Handsome Couple. THO4.153, The

Trip to the Camp. THO4.154, The

Wakefield Hunt. THO4.155

Grove. THO4.156, The

Willing Quaker. THO4.157, The

Brasselets. THO4.158, Le

Greenwich Park. THO4.159

Lady Mary Worsleys Fancy. THO4.160

Boutonniere. THO4.161, La

Lady Barnsleys Fancy. THO4.162

Rose. THO4.163, La

New Fandango. THO4.164, The

Seven Stars. THO4.165, The

Cox Heath. THO4.166

Female Fox Hunter. THO4.167, The

Tartar. THO4.168, The

Love Me Dearly. THO4.169

Royal Prince Frederick. THO4.170, The

Merry Girl of Bristol. THO4.171, The

You're Welcome to Broadstreet. THO4.172

Love Sick Polly

Powell's Fancy. THO4.174

Miss Neighbours Fancy. THO4.175

Miss Lamberts Delight. THO4.176

Two For One. THO4.177

You May If You Please. THO4.178

Wanton Lass. THO4.179, The

Shrewsbury Lasses. THO4.180, The

Chatsworth. THO4.181

Lasses Have At Ye. THO4.182

Trip to Bengall. THO4 183, A

Garricks Rout. THO4.184

Suckeys Delight. THO4.185

Miss Dollands Delight. THO4.186

Prince of Brunswick. THO4.187, The

Miss Piggots Whim. THO4.188

Jack in a Box. THO4,189

Arcadian Nuptials. THO4,190, The

Romps or.... THO4.191, The Merry Girls of Scarborough. THO4.191, The

Miss Willmot's Maggot. THO4.192

Jockey to the Fair. THO4.193

Nottingham Races. THO4.194

Soldier's Joy. THO4.195, The

Juniper Hill. THO4.196

Push About the Jorum. THO4.197

When Wars Alarms. THO4.198

New Feathers. THO4.199, The

Irish Widow. THO4.200, The

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