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Woodchurch Morris Tune Book

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Vandals of Hammerwich (Lichfield)

Getting Upstairs (Headington)

Shepherd's Hey (Adderbury)

Lads-a-Bunchum (Adderbury)

The Morris March (Winster Processional)

Banks of the Dee (Fieldtown)

Greensleeves (Woodchurch)

Postman's Knock (Adderbury) in G

Constant Billy (Adderbury)

Postman's Knock (Adderbury) in D

Flowing Bowl (Adderbury)

Shooting - Beaux of London City (Badby)

Shooting - Beaux of London City (Adderbury)

Valentine (Fieldtown)

Twenty-Ninth of May (Headington)

Black Joak (Adderbury), The

Young Collins (Bledington)

Curly Headed Ploughboy (Old Twanger), The

Old Woman Tossed Up in a Blanket (Fieldtown)

British Grenadiers' March


Bonny Green Garters (Bampton)

Trunkles (Bledington)

Upton on Severn Stick Dance

Happy Clown (Restless Spirit), The

The Minstrel Boy

Sweet Jenny Jones (Adderbury)

Room For The Cuckolds (Bucknell)

Jockie to the Fair (Brackley)

Lollipop Man (Ducklington), The

Dearest Dicky (Fieldtown)

Bean Setting (Headington)

Bobby and Joan (Fieldtown)

Bobbing Around (Bampton) aka Bobbin Joe

Hey Diddle Dis (Bledington)

The Rose Tree (Bampton)

William and Nancy (Bledington)

Willow Tree (Bucknell), The

Blue-Eyed Stranger (Headington)

Highland Mary (Bampton)

Laudnum Bunches (Headington)

Banbury Bill (Bampton)

Blue Bells of Scotland (Adderbury)

Princess Royal

Saturday Night (Bucknell) version transcribed by Steve Dumpleton from a field recording

Country Gardens (Fieldtown)

Ring o' Bells (Lichfield)

Moncks' March (Sherborne)

Shepherds' Hey (Bampton)

Forester (Fieldtown)

Cuckoo's Nest (Bledington)

Balance the Straw (Fieldtown)

Ladies' Pleasure (Bledington)

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