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2 - H.S.J. Jackson, 1823

Parent :- Winder manuscripts

Maggie Lawder

the Pantheon

Behind the bush in the garden

Tit for Tat

the Farewell

Jacksons Dream

I wish you a merry new year

Johnny Macgill

Mathew Brigs

Murphy Delaney

Trip to Paris

Off she goes

a Friend in Need

Queen of the May

Over the water to Charlie


Batchelors of Every Nation

Nottingham Castle

Lord Morpeth's Reel

Wedding Day

Turks March

the Spa

the French Taptoo


Jenney Nettles

le Fette de Village

Weymouth reel

Sawney Dear

Miss Jamieson's Jig

Love laughs at locksmiths

Captain Ross

the Sow's tail to Geordie

Duchess of Gordon's reel

Scotch Whiskey

Pretty Maggy

Stuart's reel

the Lilly

Shammie Breeches

a Bonny Lass to Marry Me

May Day

the Winter's Tale

Over the muir to Maggie

Derby Hunt

the Bucket

the Dublin Jig

Patrick Band

Ross Castle

the Dorsetshire march

Bonny Charlie

Bath Waltz

the Melbourne Waltz

Mrs Parker's Waltz

Each has a lover but me

Hatfield House

Quick Step

Rule Britannia

the Heart should be happy & merry

God Save the King

Handels Clarinet

Robin Adair

the sky Lark

la Bell Catherine

Lord Moira's welcome to Scotland

a Waltz

the Woodman


Over the Hills and far away

John Anderson my Jo

Andrew and his Cutty Gun

the Marquis of Huntley's Reel

Drub the Rogue

I wish I may die if I do

the Barring of the Door

the Bonton

Black Jock

the Feathers

Just as I was in the Morning

Kiss me fast my Mother's coming

the Merry Plowman

Sandy o'er the Lee

Sweetest Lassie

the Good Thing

the Parting Kiss

Rakes of Mallo

the Doctor

Mrs. McLeod

Scots came o'er the Border

Mrs. Casey

St Patricks Day in the Morning

Chips and Shavins

the Cottage

the Peruvian Boy

Lady Amelia Stuarts Waltz

the Parade

the North Britons

the Soldier's Daughter

Irish Whiskey

the Odd Fish

the Joke or shipabout

the little Gipsey

the Devil in the Bush

the Devil's Dead

the Castle Gate

a Trip to Camberwell

Blow Zabella

Because he was a bonny Lad

Pup in the Parachute

the New Grinders

the Iron Bridge

la Rochelle

Happy Clown

O la my Dear

Harlequin Amulet

Friar's Oak

Castle Grove

Mumbo Grumbo

Ganerien's Flight

the Constant Couple

I'll make you fain to follow me

Fight about the Fireside

Tom and Jerry

the Coronation

Princess Esterhazy

Life in London

the Caroline Quadrille

Cochrane Waltz

the Physiognomist

My Landlady

the York Waltz

Learned Men

the Persian Waltz

Never mind it

Slandering Bessy

Fanny Lisp

Guy Mannering

the Bounce

the Algerine Waltz

the Favourite

the Whisker

Match Making

Match Breaking

Quadrille Dance

Seville Waltz

the Native (??)Pening(??)

All's Well


March in Blue-Beard

the Lasses of Melross

la Rosalia

Aldridge's Dance

the Hemp Dressers

Quick Step 26th Regt.


Linnen Hall

Oak Stick

Aire de l'Opera Francaise

Duke of Perth's Reel

Lovely Mally

Gallway Girls

la Bissette

Eppie McNabb

On dit quia quinze ans

a trip to Sligo

Peep of Day


the Sutors of Selkirk

Miss Sackville's Fancy

Wilkes's Release


the Bonny lass of Livingston

Little Skirmish

Paddy's Resource

the Merry Meeting

Johnny Cope

la Polonese

Staten island Hornpipe


la Counterfaitte

the Ale Wife and her Barrel

Major John Bruce's Quick Step

Fairies Revels

the Finger Post

Miss Conyer's Whim

the Capuchin

Ladie's Wattle

Drops of drink

Irish Lasses

a Trip to Clumber


Josephine's Frolic

the Weazle

Nepolitan Threshers

An ye had been where I ha'e been

Paddy Carey

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