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3 - E and J Winder, 1835-41

Parent :- Winder manuscripts

Shutters hornpipe

St. Patrick's day in the Morning Barbary Bells

Marquis Wellington

Spanish Jigg

McDonald's Air

Mistress Creasey

Behind the Bush in the Garden

Election tune

the Register

the Celebrated Quadrille

the Peasant


the Cambrian Lyrist

the Trip to Plymouth

the Scotch Bamble

Come under my plaidy

the Parting Lovers

Geeho Dobbin

Nancy Doson

Paddy Carey

Morgiana in Spain

Country Bumpkin

Jacky Stuarts reel the Dead Cow

Mac Donald's reel

Fife hunt

Push about the Jorum

Nancy's Fancy

the Farmer's tune

Jack upon the green

Robert and John Love and Whisky

Peggy and Nancy Hornpipe Pegg and Nans Hornpipe

Lord Stranger's Hornpipe

Cheshire round

Sailor's Delight

Tom Fowlers Hornpipe

Fisher's Hornpipe

Scotch Hornpipe

Iron Lege Hornpipe

Nelson Hornpipe

Macantosh Hornpipe

Rickers Hornpipe

Astleys Hornpipe

Holeywels Hornpipe


New German March

Through the Wood Laddie


Lovely Nancy

Danish or Copenhagen Waltz

the Moon and seven stars



a Minuet

a Minuet

a Minuet

Bonny Lads

Over the Water to Charlie

Chester Hornpipe

Green Slee'ves

Oer the hills and far away

Paddy's Whack

Come hast to the Wedding

Poor mens Labours never done

Drive Aggy to water

Willy with wisp

Buttard Peas

Jack's a live

the Devels Dream

Three sheep skins

Souldier Joy

a Carol for Christmas day

Flours of Edinburgh

Cuddle me Cuddy mad Moll

Kendal ghyll

the White Cock-aid

the Female Rake

a Trumpet Minuet

Peas upon a Trencher

Highland Laddy

Lord Louduns march

Scotch Gray's March

Short and Pretty

Kettle Benders

Jack is a Live

the Ould Highland Laddy

Fair well to new castle our time is but Short &c

Ally Croker

Cuckoos Nest

Danial Cooper

the Pantheon Cotillon Gants Rant

the Rose Tree in full bloom

Auld Lang Syne

Sweet Home

the Girl I left behind me

Stanloy for ever

the Devil to play

the Duke of York March

King William's March Shores Maggot Country Dance

Billys a Bonny Lad

the Highland Laddy

May Day in the Morning

High thee Jemmy Home again

... Laddy

Come hast to the Wedding

Oyster Girl

Shuters Hornpipe

I cannat help it now

the Slow March

Duke of York March

the Irish Washerwoman


Broad Hoop

Barley Raking


a Minuet

Ould Roger a Coverly

Dainel Cooper

a Minuet

a Rigadoon

a Minuet

a Minuet

a Rigadoon

Drunken Barnaby

Go to Bed Betty and I'll come to thee Lover

a Minuet

a Minuet La Favourite

a Rigadoon

Famous Lady

a Minuet

a Rigadoon

a Rigadoon

a Minuet

a Rigadoon

Bell-side -- Minuet

a Minuet

Cheshire Round

Bridge of Lodi Manchester Hornpipe

Duke of Belluo's Quickstep

Rissian's Dance (?)

New Coldstream March

Christ Church Bells in Oxon -- oxford

St. Patrick's day in the Morning Barbary Bells


Trip to the Parish

the Bugle March

Saturday Night

Mc Cann's Waltz

Mc Cann's

Hungarian Waltz

a March

Off She Goes

Faery Dance

the Banks and Braes

illegible title

Clarinetto Primo

Scotch Reel

Slow March


New sheep (??) Quick March

James Winder Quick March


Robert Edmundson Quick March

March by J. Barry

Clarinetto Primo

the Ploughman


Sich a gitting up Stairs


Flowers of Edinbourgh

Lucy Dear

March by Michael Dobney

the British March

Quick(??) March by Crompton

Quick March by Crompton

illegible title

Quick Step


Shilling ?? Jamey ??

March by Marzinghi

Captain Harshaw's Quick March

Thomas Atkinson Quick Step

William Thompson


Fancy Tune


Quick March


March by Moorhead

Battle of Prague


Wellingtons A grand Waltz

Prussian Grand Waltz


Volunas Waltz

a good Hormpipe

Ballyfies Waltz

the Celebrated Waltz by Madon

Duchess Hamilton

In my Cottage near the Wood

Isle of Sky

Knights of Snowdon

Voulez-vous Danser Mademoiselle the Portuguese dance

Gentleman Hill's Quickstep

Be a good boy and take care of yourself

the Village Maid

Chips and Shavings

the Young man Delight --- or the Cuckoo's Nest

Never (or "Lover" ?) Give Over

Drops of Brandy

the First of August

the White Joak

Mac Donalds Rant

the Washer Woman

Sweet Susan A Song Tune

Chamber's Lilt a reel

Merrily Danced the Quaker

White Cock (and a ... rest of title illegible)

the Banks and Braes

Tekeli Tune

Allen a Dale

Green Hills of Tyrol

Is there a Heart that never loved

Pray Goody

Hope told a flattering tale


Quick March

Jessee the Flour of Dunblane

Quickstep Clarinet Primo


Quick March


Green grow the rushes O

My love she is but a lassie yet

Gambles are coming


Chinese Air

Old Father Christmas

For the (not legible - ?Mums? Nuns? Vines? Minn? )

Blooming Molly

Trip to the Paris

Liverpool Hornpipe

Standish Quick March

Quick Step

To be Played at ?Election?

Scotch Hornpipe

a Cotillon

Wapp at the Widow

High the to they gill

Black-moor's jig

the Huntsman's Chorus

Agnes (?)

Jack of Hazleden

the Solitaire

O! Twine a Thatch (Watch ??)

Giovinetto (?) Cavalier

a Song tune in one part

der Freischutz Waltz

Casper's Songs

Captain Clapperton

William Tell

Il Piaciato (??)

the Enterpize

the Fly-Flappers

Algiers Waltz

Anatomie Vivante

Ould Ebony

Uncle Gabrial

the Crusaders

Quite Correct

the Moneymusk

Pad the Ra?? Sir

Royal Quick Step

Green grow the Rushes O

the ?Marlborough?

When I was a Prentice in my youth

Give the Fiddler to Drink

Maggy Louther

Denty Davy

There is no Luck About the House

Bonny Kate of Aberdeen

Keep thy Country ?Bonny .....?

the Joker

Seige of Belish

Fools Minuet

Life let us cherish

French air

Jonny Magic

Hearts of Oak

Kings Waltz

Flitter to the Gill

Down with the French

Black Joake

Fly not yet

the Maid of ?Lodi?

Tabbias is the Grinder

Drops of Brandy


Bavarian Air

What can the matter be Jonny stops long at the fair

the Girl I Left behind mee

Home Sweet Home

Scotch wallace Blede

Mrs Mc Laod

the Merry go Round

Robinson Cruso

the Frisky

a New Hornpipe

Prinses Royal

the Spainish Spy

Robin Adair

Barney, Let the Girl alone

Come let us Away to the Camp

Funny Eyes (??)

the Sailor Laddie

New Castle Hornpipe

Potter On

Waddington Tune

Miss Wests Favourite Tune

a grand Quick Step

Swiss Boy Quadrille

Oyster Girl

Buy a Broom -- Boy

Harvest Home

Geminisani's Minuet

Farewell ye Green fields

Bonny Jane

a Jigg

Captain Macintosh's fancy

Duke Marlborough's March

C..l Thornton's March

Copenhagen Waltz

the Lady the Lake




Prime of Life

the Spanish Dance

St. Sebastian



an Ould Original Scotch air

Waltz Rome (? Home?) Mozart

Waltz by Collins

Staffordshire Militia March

Slow March by Mr. St. Collins


the Recovery

Lady Caroline Lowe Waltz

Orange and Blue


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