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4 - leftovers

Parent :- Winder manuscripts

There seem to be some pages out of the bundle of photocopies that have gone missing somewhere - the original selection I was given contains a few tunes that are not in any of the photocopied pages that I've typed up above; so here they are. Numbering pencilled in on the back of these indicates 6 missing pages. 10 tunes, 6 pages, that'd be about right ...

Hark to the Whitendale Hunt

the Cottage that stands by the sea

Pilling Moss

Ride a Mile

Tarnbrook rant

the Young Man's Fancy

Good night and Joy be with you all

My wife's a wanton wee thing

Brighton Races

the Royal Review

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Contributed by Richard Robinson Sun Jan 16 01:48:04 2011
Last edited Thu Nov 10 00:54:26 2011

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