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Aird vol 1

Parent :- Aird's Airs (vols 1 - 3)

This volume was transcribed by Jack Campin, to whom many thanks. What you see here is derived from his version and may be superceded by subsequent proofreading on his part (the ABC link goes to his version).

% A Selection of Scotch, English, Irish and Foreign
% Airs adapted to the Fife, Violin, or German-Flute
% Glasgow
% Printed and Sold by James Aird
% Volume First
% 1778 (often cited as 1782)

The Ranting Highlandman. The White Cockade

Quick Step. 25th Regt.

The Lads of the Village.

I'll Touzle your Kurchy.

The Lady's play thing, or Gen Howe's March.

The Oyster Wives rant. Muillean Dubh The Black Mull The Black Mill

Quick Step. 17 Regt.

Quick Step. 21th. Regt.

The Moon and Seven Stars.

The Grand Parade.

The Corporal.

The Queen of Hearts.

The Duke of Gloucesters Quick March.

The Irish Hautboy.

Bung Your Eye.

Quick Step Old Buffs.

Quick Step 71st. Regt.

For a' that and a' that.

The 22nd. Regts. Quick Step.


The Campbell's are coming.

Jackson's Morning Brush.

The Miners of Wicklow.

Carlen is your Daughter Ready.

Lango Lee.

Turkish March.

The Widows Rant.

Rob: Down.

The Bath Medley

Gentle Ann.

Wood Nunrich fair

Highland Laddie.

The Recruiting Officer.

Thro' the Lang Muir. Wandering Willie

We'll gang nae mair to yon Town.

White Jock.

Quick Step the Troopers.

Quick March 8th. Regt.

Had the Lass till I win at her

Warkworth Castle.

My Wifes a Wanton wee thing.

The Hay makers.

The high way to Dublin.

The Lee Rigg.

Dance in Queen Mab.

The Millers Rant.

The Royal Glasgow Volunteer's Jig.

Major's Maggot. Major's Maggat.

Willie was a Wanton Wag.

St. Patricks Day in the morning.

The Cow behind the Haycock.

The Black Dance.

The Lads of Dunse.


The Carle he came o'er the Craft.

Quick Step Genl. Burgoynes.

East Nook of Fife.

Irish Billy.

Johnie's Grey Breeks.

Johnie's Grey Breeks. for the Ger: Flute.

Hopeton House. Sweet Molly

Albina. Albinia.

My Mother's ay Glowring o'er me. A Health to Betty Katy's Answer

The Marquis of Granby's delight.

The Female Hero.

Lango Lee. New way.

The faithfull Shepherd.

The Ducks dang o'er my Dadie. The Deuks dang oer my Daddie The bairns gat out wi an unco shout

The Cream Pot.

Sr. Alexr. Mc.Donald's Reel.

Bonny Breast Notes.

Quick Step. La Prominade.

Quick Step. Turkish.

Duncan's Dance.

Little House under the Hill.

Miss Ramsay's Reel.

Roast Beef.

A Spanish Jigg.


The Fyket.

I's rather have a piece than a Kiss of my Jo.

Charles Street Bank.

Miss Katie Hall's Reel.

Rural Felicity Haste to the Wedding Trip to the Dargle Carrick Fergus The Small Pin Cushion

Tulloch Gorm.

Quick Step 37th Regt.

McDonalds Quick Step.

The Female Rake.

Quick Step 4th. Regt.

Port Patrick.

The Highlandman Kiss'd his Mother.

Well done Jock. Well done Jack.

The Bottom of the Punch Bowl.

Quick Step 15th. Regt.

Where will our Goodman lye.

Cupid's Recruiting Serjeant

Kiss me Sweetly.

Marquis of Granby - Shambuy.

Quick Step Fusileers.


Queensberry House. You're Welcome Charlie Stewart

Yanky Doodle.

Lady Charlote's Delight.

Big Bowwow.

Pady Whack

La Damoselle.

The Cameronian's Rant.

Linky Lanky.

Soldiers Joy.

The Ranting Roaring Highlandman.

Push about the Jorum.

Nancy Dawson

Quick Step 43d. Regt.


Major Montgomerie's Quick Step.

My Lodging is on the Cold Ground. Believe Me If All Those Endearing Young Charms

The Royal Glasgow Volunteers Farewell.

Steer her up and had her gaan.

Bab at the Bouster. Bab at the Bolster.

The Dainty Besom Maker.

Lather awa' wi' your Oak Stick. Leather awa' wi' your Oak Stick.

Tom Tullus's Hornpipe.

Fy let us a' to the Bridal.

The Parson in his Boots.

Sweet Mally

Quick Step 42d. Regt.

Quick March by Mr. Handel

The Long Room of Scarbrough.

The Drummer

Green Sleeves.

Miss Gunning's Delight.

Dainty Davie

My Peggy is a Young thing. The Wauking of the Faulds

The Parson in the Suds. The Parson in the Sudds.

Up wi't Ailly now.

The Wonder

2d. Quick Step. 42d. Regt.

A Lovely Lass to a Friar Came.

2d. Quick Step of 15th. Regt.

Sukey Bids me.

The Major

The Dumb Glutton.

Norickystie or the Wild Irish Man.

March de Gen's d' Armes.

Wilkes's Wrigle. The Deil's Awa wi th' Exciseman

Major Jas. Campbell's Quick Step W.F.R.

Shiling O'Gairey Sheling a Gairey Chiling O Guiry Shulen a Gurie

Old Plantation Girls.

The Merry Dancers.

Irish Trott.

O gin ye were dead Gudeman.

The Polygon

Sam Jones

The Braes of Angus

Lary Grogan

Quick March Scots Royals.

Quick Step 30th. Regt.

The Lasses of Dunse

Shantruish. Willie's Auld Trews Sean Triubhas Uilleachan Deil Stick the Minister This is No My Ain Hoose This is No My Ain Plaid

The Amorous Goddess.

Borlum's Reel.

La Nouvelle Angloise.

Pompey ran away.

Grace's Farewell

2d. Quick Step 30th. Regt.

Colr. Archd. Campbells Quick Step.

Quick Step 2d. Batn. Royals.

Pease upon a Trencher.

Quick March 19th. Regt.

Lord Kelly's Reel. Lord Kelly's Reel by Mr Greg.

Quick Step. Fencibles

The Hammermen's March, or Tinkers Occupation. Clout the Cauldron The Fornicator (Burns)

The Taylor's March.

The Weavers March or 21st. of August.

The Free Mason's March. Free and Accepted Mason

The Cordwainer's March. Mr Nairne's Strathspey The Revd. Patrick Macdonald of Kilmore Lord Balgonie's Favorite Gloomy Winter The Piano

The Gardener's March. Dainty Davie

The three Sheep Skins.

Capt. Campbel of Aird's Quick Step W.F.R.

Ranger's Frolick

The Wrights Rant. The Stool of Repentance

Lord Glencairn's Quick Step. W.F.R.

Lass if I come near you.

Quick Step West Fencibles.

Lesslie's March. Leslie's March Blue Bonnets over the Border

A Spanish March.

Come hap me with thy Petticoat Leith Wynd

Aldridge's Allemande.

The Whipman Laddie

Come ashore Jolly Tar & your Trousers on. The Cuckoo's Nest

Tristram Shandy.

A Trumpet Air

Quick Step 32d. Regt.

A Rock & a wi Pickle Tow.

Lassie wi the Yellow Coatie.

Irish Lilt.

Buttered Pease. Stumpie

There's nae luck about the house.

Sailor's Rant.

Sae braley as I was Kiss'd Yestreen

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