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Aird vol 2

Parent :- Aird's Airs (vols 1 - 3)

My Love She's but a Lassie yet

Marias Frolic

Behind the Bush in the Garden

a German Quick March

Jockey to the Fair

1st Turks March

2nd Turks March

the Barring of the Door

McCrae's Fancy

the Capuchin

Tadie's Wattle

Donald Cooper and his man

Lass gin ye loe me tell me now

Maggy's Wame is fu I true

Quick March 2nd Battn. of Royals

To the Weaver gin ye go

the Peacock


Chester Castle

the Tenth of June

the Rakes of Mallo

I wish you a merry new Year

a Bonny Lass to marry me

the Steward's Lodge Song

Quick Step 25th Regt.

Shammie Breeches

Drops of Drink

French Taptoo

O'er the Hills and far awa

Irish Lasses

Over the Water to Charlie

Miss Jamieson's Jig

a Trip to Clumber

a Trip to Clumber. For the Ger. Flute

Rosette. Quick Step

I wish I may die if I do

Andrew and his Cutty Gun

2nd Quick Step 2nd Battn. Royals

Loch Ness


the Merry Ploughman

Joseph's Frolick

the Whigs of Fife


Capt. Ross's Reel

the Weazle

Neapolitan Threshers

the Millers Daughter

la Polonese

a Favourite Strathspey

Quick Step 45th Regt.

Johnny Cope

Jackson's Dream


Quick Step South Fencibles

the Auld Man ill ne'er die

An ye had been where I ha'e been

Just as I was in the morning

Quick March 1st Battn. Royals

To danton me

Shurleys fancy

the Spa

Bessy Bell and Marry Gray

le Fette De Village

the Merry Meeting

Pady's Resource

Pady's Resource, for the German Flute

a Favourite Highland Quick Step. 73. Regt.

Major John Bruce's Quick Step

Sandy oer the Lee

Sailor Laddie

the Ale Wife and her Barrel

Black Jock

Mount your Baggage

Parlalaw, a German Tune

When she came ben she bobed

Quick Step 23rd Regt.

Quick Step 33rd Regt.


la Counterfaitte

Bonny Lass of Livingston

Quick Step 40th Regt.

Staten Island Hornpipe

Notingham Castle

Tit for Tat

Jenny Nettles

Fy gar Rub her o'er wi' Straw

the Merry Girls of York

the Merry Girls of York. for the Violin

Quick Step 10th Regt.

the Jubilee

the Lasses of Melross

Poor a purse but routh o' Credit

Well a go to Kelso

the Inverness Scots Measure

When I follow'd a Lass

Tail Toddle

Quick Step 44th Regt.

Kiss me fast my mother's coming

la Rosalia

Marquis of Huntleys Reel

the Button Hole

Aldridges Dance

Lady Harriet Hope's Reel

the Hemp Dressers

Quick March 15th Regt.

Quick Step 26th Regt.

Quick Step 12th Regt.

Bonny Charlie


Duncan Gray

the Pantheon

Nottingham Races

the Ruffians Rant

Quick Step 55th Regt.

Prince Ferdinands Quick Step

Quick Step 2d. Regt.


Johnny Macgill

Quick Step 13th Regt.

Boyne Water

Because he was a bonny Lad

Blow Zabella


Ross Castle

the Bucket

Linnen Hall

Maggy Lawder

the Feathers

the Milk Maid

Chorus Jig

O gin ye were dead Gude-man. For the Ger. Flute

Lovely Mally

the Bonton

Killworth Volunteers Quick March

Campbell's Allemande

Dublin Volunteers Quick March

Oak Stick

Marche Francoise

New York Girls

Sweetest Lassie

Little Skirmish

the Good thing

the Lillie

Wilkes's Release or Quick March 48th Regt.

the Braes of Auchtertyre

And will you be

Saw ye Johnny Coming co she

Why should I not like my Love

Symon Brodie

la Rochelle

the 14th of October

la Bisette

Genl. Carleton's Quick March

Gallway Girls

Happy Clown

Quick March 10th Regt.

the Auld Man's Mare's Dead

Love and Opportunity

Mathew Briggs

O La my Dear West India

the Flight

Eppie McNabb

On dit qu ia quinze ans

the Brothers

Moar Nein I Giberlan

John Anderson my Jo for the German Flute

John Anderson my Jo for the Violin or Fife

Aire de l'Opera Francoise

the Drunken Drummer

Woo'd and Married and a'

Drub the Rogues

Peep of Day

a Trip to Sligo

Calimbe West India

This is not my Ain House

Oak Stick New Way

Batchelors of every Station

the Savage Dance with Variations

the Buffoon Dance

Braes of Balwhedar

the Sows Tail to Geordie

Quick March East York Militia

Sweet Willy O

Double Kisses

the Doctor

the Parting Kiss

My Dearie an thou die

Humours of Graignamanoch

the High Way to Dublin

Miss Sackvile's Fancy

O'er the Muir to Maggy

a Friend in Need

the Spinning Wheel

Sir John Malcolm


the Sutors of Selkirk

Duke of Perth's Reel

the Farewell

Good Night and Joy be wi' you all

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