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Aird vol 3

Parent :- Aird's Airs (vols 1 - 3)

the Job of Journeywork

Skiver the Quilt

Tibby Fowler in the Glen

the Loudon


My Father said that he would hire to me a man

Come then all ye social powers

the Fife Hunt

Highway to Edinburgh

Highway to Edinurgh


the Maid of the Mill

Capt. Liphson's Whim

les Plaiseurs des Dames

To Rodney we will go

Dribbles of Brandy


Jackson's Night Cap

the Feathers

Casseys Jig

There's my thumb &c.

Women's dance in the Ombres Chinoises.

the Blathrie o't

the Madrigal

As I came o'er the Cairney Mount

the Prince's welcome to the Isle of Sky

the Prince's welcome to the Isle of Sky

la Novéllé Holéndoise

Birks of Abergeldie

John come along

Peggy of Darby or the Dandys

Lillignoneth Francoise

the Key of Kindness

King of Sweden's March with Variations

Bold Robin Hood

the Parlour

the Humour's of the point

Hey to Couper

Dalkeith Maiden Bridge

Christmas day in the Morning

the Prince of Tunis

the Cudgell

Wantoness for ever mair

Mlle Heinel's Fancy

the House of Gray

New Years day

Port Rorie Dall

Miss Baker's Hornpipe

the Rakish Highland man

Let that stand there

Rough & Hardy


John Roy Stewart

Harper's Fancy

Jackson over the Water

les Drapeax

the Life we love

Ardkinglass's Delight

Ardkinglass's Delight

the Queen's or 2nd Regt. Quick Step


Mary & Donald

the Humours of Limerick

Wattie Lang

Auld Reekie, or Hoble about

Dutch Skipper

John Small's Minuet

Fergusson's Rant

the Ragged Sailor

the Humours of Listivain

Saw ye nae my Peggy

Miss Jane Bruce's Jig

the Petticoat

Lochiel's awa to France but he'll come back again

Padeen O Rafardie

Will ye go to the Ew Bughts Marrion

Miss Murray's Jig


Gi'e me A Lass wi' a Lump o' Land

Niven's Scots Measure, or Mary's Dream

Lillie Bulera

Miss Wade's Delight

the Shepherd Adonis

In Wine there is all

Love Sick Polly

la Joupon Rouge or the Scarlet Petticoat

Salt Fish & Dumplins

a Basket of Oysters, or Pady the Weaver

la Royal Loverie Gavot

My Mother says I manna

Jink About


Capt. O Kain

Big Bowwow

Dollie's the Girl for me

Jackson's Frolic

Come now for Jest & smiling

By Jove I'll be free

McNeil's Maggot

Dumbarton Drums beat bonny O

Drown Drouth

the Dawning of the Day


Cuddy Claw'd her

the Royal Scots March

Crief Fair



Chasse Marine

the Whirlie Wha

Awa Whigs awa

the General Toast

the Sailor Laddie

a Foreign Air

the Rope Dance

Come Sweet Lass

the Sailor Lassie

Earl of Loudon's Strathspey

Quick Step 10 Regt.

the Fumbler

See the Conquering Hero Comes


the King's Anthem

Rule Britannia

Irish Morshaw

a Trip to the Rotunda


Roger's Farewell


How Imperfect is Expression


Athole House

Irish Pelt

the Rakes of Rochester

Care thou Canker

the Free Masson's Anthem

the Chaplet

the New Spa Dance

New Stepney March

New Stepney March

the York Fancy

Neil Gows Lamentation for Abercairney

Loch Erroch Side

Capt. Hillman's March

the Trim built Wherry

Jackson's Bouner Bougher

March 30th Regt. by Mr. Alphy

Bonny Annie

Kentish March

Innes's Jig

Major Graham

March 3rd Regt. Dragoon Guards

Saw away 'lias, Scrape away

the Royal Boarding School or 5th of December

Cleghorn's Rant

Gi'e the Lasses mair o't

Genl. Washington's March

John O' Badenyond

the Red Jock

Bank's Dance for "As you like it"

Sir John Whitefoord's

Let me alone

the Merry Minx

the Goddesses

French Air

Dutches of Athole's Strathspey

March 3rd Regt. of Guards

the Georgia Grenadier's March


Miss Menzies of Culdare's

March of the 37th Regt.

the Green Garters

Major Churchill's Dance

Sweet Richard

Rondo D'Henry 4th

For lake of Gold

Water parted from the Sea

Lord Bernard's March

the Rural Thought

Fox Hunter's Jig

O he de No's

Auld Robin Gray

the Back of the Change-house

Row dow dow

a Favourite Ballad from Robin Hood

Earl Marshall's Reel

the Excamber

Nos Calen

Pither in enough

the Lillies of France

Air de Chasse

War's alarms entic'd my Willy

a Favourite Highland Air

Auld Bessy

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