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Just some noticeable tunes I'm bumping into while I test the site's new behaviour. Worth coming back to.

2nd Turks March

Cheshire Rolling Hornpipe

Cumberland Nelly

Engelska från Tuntorp

the Corsican Fairy

Cuddle me cuddy

Solid Joy the Disorderly

Eirik Nirsas Vals

Engelska ?

the Blarney Pilgrim

the Conundrum

the Gobby O

Pate Baillie's Jig

the Bonawe Highlanders

Angus MacKinnon

the Convenience

the Derry Hornpipe

the Braes of Lochiel Braigh Loch Iall

Duncan Johnstone

3 Strömningar

the Dogs

After the Battle of Aughrim

Catherine MacRitchie

Anders - Orsa vals

Bytt Lasses Brudmarsch

the Battle of the Somme

Christmas Eve

Come Again, You're Welcome

the Curlew

Coilsfield House

the Tushkar

the Left-handed tushkar

Carnival tune (fr Limoux?)

Carnival tune (fr Limoux ?)

Carnival tune (fr Limoux?)

Carnival tune (fr Limoux ?)

the Birks of Invermay

Behind the Haystack Munster Buttermilk

Calliope House

3-part Reinländer

the Bank of Ireland

Bobby Casey's

the Crookit Bawbee

the Devil in the Kitchen the Prince of Wales's Jig

Elsie Marley

the Bloody Fields of Flanders

3 Strömningar

Carrick Reel Suprise Hornpipe

Burn of Finnigirt

Skeppare Schottische

Engelska 1

Engelska 2

Engelska 3



the Barrow burn

The fine Companion

da Guizers' March

Dark Reel

Coire an Lochan

Boys of Malin

I Bhì à Da

Sabhal Iain 'ic Uisdean

'S lomadh Rud Tha Dhìth Orm

the Bishop of Chester's Jig

Newcastle Station

Catherine's Brown Hen

Eunyssagh Vona Mona's Delight

Shooters Hornpipe TS.153 Shuter's Hp,aka TS.153

the Low Country Dance Lochaber Dance

the Braes of Mellinish

the Goats' Polka

Apples in Winter


Culburnie Cottage

Famous Baravan, The

Ian Green of Greentrax

Johnston's Hornpipe

Tune 19401 is missing. Private, maybe ?

the Last of the Light

Noble Squire Dacre

Roaring Barmaid, The

Snug in the blanket

the Ace and deuce of pipering

the Mouth of the Tobique

Hornpipe (From the Water Music suite in D)

Ian Green of Greentrax

Break Yer Bass Drone

Miss Susan Cooper

Frank's Reel

French Stroller. WM.121

===== Set :- Come have a drink with me / the Old Favourite =====

Come Have a Drink With Me

the Old Favourite

===== endset =====

Braes of Acklebrie,The. BF11.03

===== ex-Moorgate Leftovers =====

===== Set :- Orkneypolkas =====

Peter Pratt's Polka

the Old Polka

===== endset =====

===== Set :- Göran's Engelskas =====



===== endset =====

===== Set :- Simon's Galician jigs =====

Galician jig

Galician Jig

===== endset =====

===== Set :- Kendal Ghyll etc =====

Kendal ghyll


Hawkshead Rant

Set her against the wall

===== endset =====

===== Set :- Shetland reels =====

Lasses Trust in Providence

Bonnie Isle o' Whalsay

Sleep Sound in the Morning

===== endset =====


Lunesdale Gavotte

the Waterloo Dance

the Dressed Ship

Soldier's Joy

Juan's Dance

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