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William Marshall

These tunes were originally contributed in 2005 by Clark Bernst. More recently, I've been revising them to add in Marshall's bass parts, plus some ornaments that got missed in the original transcriptions.

... later : This turned out to be a project that took an unreasonably long time. It was finally completed in July 2017. (I hope, anyway. Apart from any mistakes still to be found. I've done my best to proof-read it all, but it's horribly intricate stuff).

This material, and more, is also available in real paper book form from Fiddlecase books, as William Marshall's Scottish melodies, 2nd edition. This latter includes 2 more collections of tunes than there are here, and much useful information and other Good Stuff (also, it won't become inaccessible when the battery runs out). You'll notice that the PDF links for these won't get you the whole lot on paper, they just result in a suggestion to buy the book instead. This is because a Real Paper Book is still a good and useful thing, and I don't want to weaken the people who make them.

Documents :-
    William Marshall's Scottish Airs, Melodies, Strathspeys, Reels &c (1822)
    William Marshall's Scottish Melodies, Reels, Strathspeys volume 2nd (1845)
    William Marshall, A Collection of Strathspey Reels (1781)
    William Marshall, Kinrara (1800)

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