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William Marshall's Scottish Airs, Melodies, Strathspeys, Reels &c (1822)

Parent :- William Marshall

Marshall's Scottish AIRS, Melodies,
For the Piano Forte, Harp,
Vioin & Violoncello
Marchioness of Huntly

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the Marchioness of Huntly's Strathspey

the Marchioness of Huntly's Jig

the Marquis of Bowmont's Reel


Kinrara Strathspey

Lady Georgina Russell's Reel

Huntly Lodge. a Strathspey

the Marquis of Huntly's Favorite

Miss Cameron's Reel. -- Balvenie

the Dutchess of Manchester's Farewell to the Highlands of Scotland

Mrs. George Robertson's Reel -- Edinburgh

Miss Grant's Jig -- Tombreackachy

the Dutchess of Bedford's Strathspey

Lady Louisa Russell's Jig

Chapel Keithack

Miss Wharton Duff

Miss Wharton Duff's jig

Lady Ann Wharton Duff's Strathspey

Mrs Forbes of Boharm's Strathspey

Mrs Fraser's Reel -- Cullen

Ballendalloch Castle

Invereshie -- A Strathspey

Mrs Forbes' Reel -- Aberdeen

Mrs Henry Lumsden of Tillwhilly's Strathspey

Miss Watt's Reel -- Mether Cluny

Miss Ann Cameron's Jig -- Balvenie

Balvenie Castle

Lady Susan Gordon's Reel

Miss Angus Botriphnie's Reel

the Marquis of Huntly's Strathspey

Strathbogie Toast

Miss G. Gordon -- Banff

Miss McPherson's Reel -- Edinburgh

Miss Cruickshank's Reel - Glass

Sir Walter Scott Bart

Lowe's Hornpipe

Burnside of Tynet

the Marquis of Huntly's Farewell

Captain Marshall's Fancy

Madam Frederick

Miss Cameron's Reel -- Banff

the Fiddich-side Lasses. Strathspey

Miss Admiral Gordon's Strathspey or Of a' the airts the wind can blaw

the Earl of Fife's Strathspey

Mrs Major L. Stewart of the Isle of Java

Lord Alexander Gordon's Strathspey

Mrs Colonel Gordon of Leitchieston's Reel

Glenfiddich Strathspey

Miss Jane Young -- Banff

the House of Candacraig

Mrs Hamilton of Wishaw's Strathspey

the De'il Among the Mantua-Makers

Newfield Cottage, a Strathspey

the Bog of Gight, a Strathspey

Lady Jemima Cornwallis' Reel

Miss Robertson -- Edinburgh. a Strathspey

Mrs Anderson's Strathspey -- of Fochabers

Miss McPherson Grant's Jig -- of Ballindalloch

Mr Marshall's Compliments to Niel Gow

the Marchioness of Cornwallis' Strathspey

Lady Niven Lumsden of Achindoir's Strathspey

Miss Malcolm's Hornpipe

the Marchioness of Tweedsdale

the Marquis of Tweedsdales Reel

Miss Abercromby's Reel -- of Birkenbog

Mrs MacDowal Grant of Arndilly's Strathspey

Lady Louisa Cornwallis' Strathspey

the House of Cairnfield, a Strathspey

Capt Cameron's Volunteers March -- Balvenie

Mrs Capt McBarnet's Strathspey -- Balachron

Miss Donaldson's Strathspey -- Banff

Doctor Laing -- Fochabers

Mrs Laing's Strathspey -- Fochabers

the Marchioness of Huntlys Favorite

the Marchioness of Huntly's Favorite Jig

Miss MacDowal Grant's Strathspey -- of Arndilly

Forglen House, a Strathspey

Belhelvie House, a Strathspey

Mrs McPherson's Reel -- Gibston

Mrs Shearer of Buchromb

Mr Shearer of Buchromb's Strathspey

Hatton of Buchromb's Reel

Craigellachie Bridge

Miss Jane McInnes -- Dandaleith

the Duke of Gordons Strathspey

Miss Watt's Jig -- Mether Cluny

Mr McDonald -- Gordon Castle

Lady Isabella Wemyss' Strathspey

Mrs John Stewart's Strathspey -- of Bombay

Miss Stewart's Jig -- Bombay

the Bridge of Spey, a Strathspey

Mrs Glennie's Reel -- of Maybank

Miss Ross' Strathspey -- Elgin

the House of Letterfourie, a Reel

Miss Gordon's Strathspey -- Fochabers

Mr John Stewart's Reel -- of Bombay

Knockando House

Miss Stronach of Marnoch's Strathspey

Mrs Gordon's Reel - Uvie

Mrs Stewart's Strathspey -- of Inverugie

Drumin's Strathspey

the Buck of the Cabrach

Tombreakachie's Strathspey

the Duchess D. of Richmond's Strathspey

Mr Alexander Laing's Hornpipe -- Leuchold

Mr John Angus's Reel -- of Calcutta

Arthur's Seat. a Reel

the Duke of Gordon's Birth day, a Strathspey

Lochrynach, a Reel

Mrs James McInnes' Strathspey -- Edinburgh

the Moray-Shire Farmers Club, a Reel

Mrs Rose's Reel -- Banff

Mr Gordon of Hallhead's Strathspey

Lady Jane Neville's Reel

Grant Lodge, a Strathspey

Miss Stewart's Strathspey -- Pittyvaich

the Fochabers Rant

Miss Hannah's Jig -- Elgin

Miss Jane Stewart's Strathspey -- Pittyvaich

Major L. Stewart's Reel -- of the Island of Java

Collar-Green, a Reel

Mrs Forsyth's Strathspey -- of Mortlach

Miss Forsyth's Reel -- Huntly

Marnoch's Strathspey

Aberlour's Squeeze, a Strathspey

Miss Euphemia Lowe's Jig

Gordon Castle, a Strathspey

Miss Wilhelmina McDowal's Reel -- of Arndilly

Mrs Colonel Forbes' Strathspey

Mrs L Stewart's Reel -- of the Island of Java

Glentromie, a Strathspey

Lady Jane Taylor's Strathspey - of Rothimay

Kininvie House

the House of Achluncart, a Reel

Miss Young's Strathspey - Banff

Mr Edward Wagstaff's Fancy

the House of New, a Strathspey

the Banks of Spey, a Strathspey

Miss Taylor's Reel -- Keith

Mrs Young's Strathspey -- Banff

Lady Georgina Gordon's Strathspey

Miss Grant's Reel -- of Cullen House

Miss Grant's Strathspey -- of Elchies

Lady Madelina Palmer's Strathspey

Miss Susan Gordon's Reel -- Fochabers

Mrs Major Mitchell's Strathspey

Miss Isabella McPherson Grant's Strathspey -- of Ballindalloch

the House of Park

Mr Hoy -- Gordon Castle

Mrs J Bishop's Strathspey -- Kew-Green, London

the Forest of Ga-ick, a Strathspey

Mill of Laggan, a Reel

Achorachan, a Strathspey

Mr Edward Simpson of Edinburghs Fancy

the Mortlach Reel

Capt William McLeod's Fancy. of the 6th Veteran Battalion

Croughly, a Strathspey

Lady Madelina Gordon's Reel

Mrs Grant's Strathspey -- Tombreackachy

Drumbain's Reel

Leith-Hall, a Strathspey

Miss McInnes's Reel -- Dandaleith

Lady Charlotte Gordon's Reel

Dandaleith, a Strathspey

the House of Cluny, a Strathspey

Miss Jane Grant's Reel -- Lynmore

Miss Katherine Stewart Forbes' Strathspey, of Achmedden

Easter Elchies, a Reel

the Duchess of Roxburghes' Strathspey

Mrs Capt. Skene of Carrestons Strathspey

Cullen House, a Strathspey

Lord Alexander Russell's Jig -- Woburn Abbey

Keithmore, a Strathspey

Mrs Brown's Reel -- Linkwood

Mrs Hugh Lumsdens Strathspey, of Pitcaple

Lament for Sir Harry Niven Lumsden, bart., of Achindoir

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