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William Marshall's Scottish Melodies, Reels, Strathspeys volume 2nd (1845)

Parent :- William Marshall

Volume 2nd
of a Collection of
Scottish Melodies Reels Strathspeys
Jigs Slow Airs
for the
Piano Forte
Violin and Violoncello
Being the Genuine &
Posthumous Works of
William Marshall

All the Airs in this collection are now published for the first time

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the Duchess of Buccleuch

the Duke of Buccleuch

Mrs Mary Grant McInnes, Dandaleith

Lady Heriet Georgina Hamilton

Lady Beatrice Hamilton

Miss Louisa Duff

Viscount Hamilton

Lady Alexis Russell

Miss Isaac Forsyth, Elgin

Miss Grace Menzies

the Craigellachie Lassies

Miss Gordon of Park

Mrs Charles Stewart, Pettyvaich

James Duff M.P.

Miss Farquharson of Invercauld

Viscount Reidhaven

Lord Francis Russell

Lady Rachael Russell

Lady Louisa Hamilton

the Earl of Seafield

the Lady Agnes Duff

Miss Catherine Stewart, Pettyvaich

Miss Georgina B. Stewart, West Park, Elgin

Miss Gordon of Liverpool

Mrs Gordon of Knockespoch

the Duchess of Bedford's Cairn

Master John Romily

Master Frank Romily

Lady Menzies of Castle Menzies

Mrs McPherson, Gileston

General Stewart, West Park, Elgin

George Skene Duff, of Milton

Miss Barbara Stewart, West Park

Colonel W. Marshall of the 79th Regiment of Foot

Miss Syme Wilson

Miss Mary L. Robertson

Mrs H Inglis

the Marchioness of Breadalbane

the Duke of Richmond

Mr Charles Stewart, Pettyvaich

the Earl of Fife

the Marchioness of Normanby

the Duchess of Gordon

the Duchess of Richmond

Lady McNeil

Lewis Ricardo, M.P.

Lady Forbes of New & Edinglassie

the Countess of Seafield

Sir Robert Peel

Miss Grant of Elchies

Lord John Russell

Mr Masson, Manse of Botriphnie

Lady Duff of Delgaty

Mrs Buchan of Auchmacoy

the Top of Balvenie

Mrs Falconer's Reel, Craigellachie

Mrs Robert Chamber

Mr James Bennet's Reel

Miss Fyffe's Strathspey

Mr Marshall's Reel

Linlithgow Loch Provost Dawson's Favorite

Mr Morison of Bognie

Miss McInnes Fancy

Mrs Gordon of Park

Mrs Mitchell of Stow

Lady John Scott

Lord John Scott

Miss Jane McInnes, Dandaleith

Miss Helen McInnes

Mrs Capt Charles Gordon, Huntly

Capt Charles Gordon, R.N., Huntly

Miss Gibson Craig

William Gibson Graig M.P.

Mrs Sherrif Cameron, Elgin

Mr George A Young

Miss Anne Gordon

Lady Peel

the Earl of Angus and Arran

Sir Charles Forbes of New & Edinglassie

Mr George Forbes yr of New and Edinglassie

the Farewell

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