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The material under here is a browsable version of of the material from the very wonderful Village Music Project - a large and valuable set of old tune collections, copied here with their permission, and to whom many thanks. Their site has information on these collections and much more interesting material besides, and I strongly recommend that you investigate it - but it only offers ABC, while this version can be more easily browsed.

Once upon a time this was a mirror of their files, but they moved everything around and I don't want to have to go re-locating everything. I may get round to it some time ... but for now it's just a snapshot, and may be out of date. If so, it's their version that's definitive.

That being the case, I have made some changes. Their use of the information fields is more than a little non-standard, and doesn't play very nicely with the general understanding of their meanings. In particular, it really doesn't play at all happily with the 'advanced search' drop-downs, which expect "O:" to contain 'country of origin' and "A:" to contain 'area' within that, rather than vice versa. So I have taken it upon myelf to change these. The information is still all there, just changed around into the form that the rest of the world expects. There are no changes to the actual musical meanings of it.

Documents :-
    Atkinson, Henry
    Barnes, Joseph
    Bennet, Thomas
    Biggins, James
    Blackshaw, James
    Browne 11
    Browne 12
    Calvert, William
    Carlisle MS
    Clare, John
    Clarke, William
    Clews, John
    Cooke, Benjamin
    Dixon, Thomas
    Fox, Charles
    Gibbons, Joshua
    Giles, William
    Harrison, Joshua & Wall, David
    Harrison, Rev. R.
    Hughes, Albert
    Hughes, Richard
    Irwin, William
    Jackson, H. S. J.
    Jones, John
    Kidson's Hornpipes
    Miller, John
    Mittell, William
    Moore, John
    Nuttall, James
    Sands, Thomas
    Spencer, George
    Stables, Henry
    Staffordshire (anon)
    Tildsley, William
    Watson, George
    Winder, James
    Winder, John

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