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This collection is simply the contents of the file http://www.ceolas.org/pub/tunes/abc.tunes/Playford.abc Very little has changed (just a few small changes (mostly line breaks adjusted) so that the tunes all displayed correctly. For an introductory text, please see http://www.ceolas.org/pub/tunes/abc.tunes/Playford.txt

Upon a Summers Day The Garland

Blew Cap

The Night Peece


The Begger Boy

Parsons farewell

Bobbing Joe

The New Exchange

The Whish

Stingo The Oyle of Barly Cold and Raw

The Wherligig

Picking of Sticks

The Old Mole




The Saraband

Hit and misse

Confesse, his tune The Court Lady

Mage on a Cree

A Health to Betty

Millisons Jegge

The Spanish Jeepsie

Lady Spellor

Kemps Jegg

The Cherping of the Larke

If all the World were Paper

Adsons Saraband



The merry merry Milke Maids


The fine Companion


Cast a Bell

The Spanyard

Rose is white and Rose is red

Have at thy Coat old woman

Drive the cold winter away

The Gun

Peppers Black

The Maid peept out at the window The Frier in the Well

Halfe Hannikin

Lord of Carnarvans Jegg

Irish Trot

Faine I would The King's Complaint Parthenia

Once I loved a Maiden faire

The Irish Lady Anniseed-water Robin

All a Mode de France

My Lady Cullen

The Bath


Jog on

Hearts Ease

The Health The Merry Wasel

Jack Pudding

Prince Ruperts March

Argeers The Wedding Night

Dissembling Love

The London Gentlewoman The Hemp-Dresser


Mayden Lane

Jack a Lent

Chirping of the Nightingale

A Souldiers life

Saint Martins

Cuckolds all a row

Petticoat wag

Pauls Steeple

Rufty tufty

All in a Garden green

Sedauny Dargason

The Punks Delight

Aye me The Simphony

Broome The bonny bonny Broome

The Milke-Mayds Bobb

An Old man is a Bed full of bones


Cherily and merrily

The Countrey Coll

Saturday night and Sunday morn

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