The main purpose of this site is to scratch my own itches, as the saying goes - the things it can do are the things I want to do, as a tune-player. You can store a whole load of tunes, edit them, browse around them all, and pull the ones you want into printable lists to use as reminders, set-lists, etc. I'm open to suggestions for other interesting things to do with it.


  • The contributors, of course.
  • The musicians. The people we learn this stuff from, play it with and pass it on to.
  • The software people, without whom this would still be an unmanageably large pile of paper. The people behind ABC, Perl, Drupal, Php, SQL, Linux ...
  • Peter Nix, for having the idea, prodding me to do it and getting it up there in the first place, and Leeds University Music dept. for having hosted the original version for so long.
  • Richard Robinson - author, webmaster, sole proprietor, etc etc. The "I" of these pages.
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