Content Management

The site adds an extra tab to the the menu's "My account" page, labelled "Manage my content". This has 3 buttons on it :-

  • Download all my material - This will download all the tunes and/or documents you have stored on the site, in a single file. The tunes will be in ABC format, of course, and the documents will be in a format of my own devising. This file is a complete snapshot of the database information (see below - the %%TBL line is not optional in this context), it can be uploaded back to the website using the next button and everything will be as it was.
  • Restore from backup - The reverse of this; give it a file that you obtained by previous button, and it will fit all the contents back into the database just as they were when you downloaded them.
  • Delete material doesn't need a lot of explanation - how you delete all your stuff, up to and including your whole account.

Including database info

The database contains information about a tune, meta-information, stuff like who contributed the thing, who's allowed to see it or modify it, and so on. So, if you shoehorn that information into a tune when it's downloaded, you can upload it again to the site later and the site will be able to restore it as it was. This make it possible to work on a set of tunes elsewhere using your favourite editor (web-browser editors are not fun for complex work) and feed the results back into the database. It also serves as a "restore" mechanism in case of disaster and a safety-belt for anyone who might not want to have to entirely trust the site with their precious ABC. Enable this by setting the "Include website-specific info in downloaded tunes" tickbox on the Tunes tab of the Preferences page.

In the ABC, this is done with an extra header line :-
%%TBL: - Database info wrapped up in json with an ABC pseudo-comment in front to hide it from abc parsing. You are not expected to edit this line - if you do you need to be a) completely certain you know what you're doing, and b) right.

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