Mirrors and file uploads

If you already have your tunes typed up, presenting them to the site as a single file is much less tedious than having to feed them in one by one. This is how the great bulk of the tunes here have been submitted. The file is expected to follow the normal rules for an ABC file.


If you already have somewhere on the 'net where you could upload a file to, the most convenient thing to do (certainly from this site's point of view, and very likely from yours too) is to upload it there and give this site a URL pointing to it. This site will then download a copy of it, process the content into its database, and thereafter will check your original file periodically and try to keep itself in sync with it - if anything is added to, modified or removed from the content of the URL, the same things will be created/modified/deleted in this database. So you can put your ABC wherever you like, work on it however you want, and this site will show uptodate versions of it all for easy browsing, without your having to bother about it (except, if you subsequently move that file somewhere else, PLEASE remember to change the url here, or at least let me know; otherwise that good stuff will stop happening. The code does its best to be clever, but it's not psychic).

Menu "Create content / Mirror a remote ABC file" :-
• URL - the URL to mirror.
• Name - On this website, the URL being mirrored is represented as a document. It needs a name.
• Email notification - If you tick this, you will receive email whenever the database sees a change in the file, telling you what was done.

Processing a file for the first time is a slow process. The page refreshes periodically to give an indication of progress rather than timing-out, and you should be aware that the processing depends on that :- if you get bored and move away from it following other links, the processing will stop until you return to it.

A caveat - If a tune has been edited since this site last saw it, the question of recognising it as the same tune can get messy, in extreme cases. It would be possible to decide that the previous tune has been deleted and a new one added, but that would change its ID in the database, which would break any references to it in any documents. I wouldn't see that as satisfactory, so I have to try and recognise that it's a different version of an existing tune. That's not always simple, and I can't guarantee that my code will always get it right, all I can say is that I haven't seen any cases that break it. Yet (see "famous last words"). If you tick the 'email notifications' box, you will at least be told what changes the site thinks it's seen, and has made (if a tune is removed, the email will include an ABC dump of it) - if you think something's gone wrong, please let me know and I'll try and fix it.


If you don't have any hosting where you could upload the file, or don't want to use the mirroring for some other reason, this site will be happy to accept it directly.

Menu "Create content / Upload an ABC file" :-
• Save to an existing document
or • Give a name for a new document - If your file has pieces of text between the tunes it will become a 'document', in this site's terms, and if you don't name it on the form the site will assign it a default name. For a file that only contains tunes no document will be assigned automatically, but you might want to specify one anyway to preserve their order, which will otherwise be lost.
• Overwrite document contents - applies if you selected an existing file. Either replace the existing content or append the newly-uploaded material to it. Overwriting the document will not affect any tunes that were referenced; they'll still be there in the database, they just won't be in that document any longer.
• Use header lines to supply default values - ticked, this is the normal ABC file-scope-setting behaviour, that fields set outside of a tune will be applied to all subsequent tunes. This option is provided because it's not uncommon to have tunes in the form of email (or, once upon a time, usenet articles), whose headers have a similiar form. If they get applied to the tunes the result is an upsetting mess.
• Privacy settings - by default, tunes are created publicly visible for everyone to see, documents are visible only to the creator. You can change this if you want to.

There is an obscure possibility that might be worth mentioning, just in case it catches anyone's fancy - there are some editing jobs that might be easier in your favourite proper editor than with the editing facilities of a typical web browser, and that's one way this site could be used - download the thing, work on it and then upload it back. (See Content Management for an even more obscure side-note on this).

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