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Indian Queen,The. JMP.008 -- Quick Step London[?derry],A. JMP.008

McPhersons Lamentation. JMP.009

"12...a quick march"Scotland.March
Quick Step. JMP.010

Jack Holmes Reel,aka. JMP.011 -- Lady Nellie Wemyss,aka. JMP.011

"14...Quick March"Scotland.March
Quick Step. JMP.012

Quick March. JMP.013

Quick March. JMP.015

Boyne Watter.JMP.016 -- Boyne Water,aka. JMP.016

Mr C.Clark's Hornpipe TS.250

"1812" in brackets follows title in MSLincolnshire.hornpipe
Sicilian Dance,The. GS.067

Come hast to the Wedding. JaW.007 -- Haste To The Wedding,aka. JaW.007 -- Rural Felicity,aka. JaW.007

Paddy Wack. JaW.006

Queen Caroline's Waltz. WI.013

"1838 Waltz"England.Waltz
Soldier ladie,The. JMP.018 -- Soldier Laddie,aka. JMP.018

Bonnet Makers of Dundee,The. JMP.019

Miss Mcleod. JaW.214

"20 of June 1842"England.Reel
Haughs of Cromsell,The. JMP.020 -- Haughs of Cromdale,The,aka. JMP.020

"21",Haughs of Cromdale,Scotland.reel
For a' that. JMP.021

"22...a quick march"Scotland.March
Up and War them Willie. JMP.022

"23...A Quick March"Scotland.March
Green Grow the Rashes. JMP.023

"24...A Quick March"Scotland.March
Through the long Mure. JMP.024

Drogheadia militia slow march. JMP.025

Quick March. JMP.026 -- Sussex Polka,aka. JMP.026

42 Regt. Quick March. JMP.027 -- Black Watch,aka. JMP.027

St Patrick's Day in The Morning. JaW.102 -- Barbary Bells,aka. JaW.102

2A + 2B = 40 bars.England.Jig
Sherriff Muir. WI.083 -- Kafoozalum,aka. WI.083

"2nd set from Gow's Collection"England.Schottisch
Mareys Dream. JMP.028

"31...a hornpipe"Scotland.Hornpipe
Smiths Hornpipe. JMP.030

Whistle oure the leave o't. JMP.029 -- Royal Highland Fus. March,aka. JMP.029

York & Lenox. JMP.031

Quick March,A. JMP.032

Paddy Whak. JMP.034

Prince of Wales' March. JMP.037

Blanchards Hornpipe. JMP.039 -- Fishers,aka. JMP.039 -- Egg,aka. JMP.039

"38...or Fishers"Scotland.Hornpipe
Quick Step. JMP.001

Blacks Hornpipe. JMP.036 -- Lady Flashdash,aka. JMP.036 -- Back of the Haggard,aka. JMP.036 -- Kershaw's Hp.,aka. JMP.036

Catren Haie. JMP.042 -- Sandy Duff's Reel,aka. JMP.042

"46...Alex Duff"Scotland.Misc.
Retreat,The. JMP.043

Omaghs Lock. JMP.044

Push About The Jorum. JaW.224

4 stave book startsEngland.Country Dance
Jacksons Marrai(?). JMP.002

Push around the gorom. JMP.045 -- Push around the jorum,aka. JMP.045

March. JMP.046

Madam you know my trade is war. JMP.047

37 Regt. March,The. JMP.048

Queens March. JMP.49

Colnel Hornars March. JMP.050

March. JMP.052

Gardiners Frolick. JMP.055 -- Lilling Hall,aka. JMP.055 -- Linnen Hall,aka. JMP.055

Tipperary Militia Quick March. JMP.054

Kellie Cranky. JMP.055 -- Killicrankie,aka. JMP.055

"60...a Favourite Scotsh tune"Scotland.Air
Lass of Richmond Hill,The. JMP.056

Go to Berweck Jockey. JMP.057

"62...a Retreat"Scotland.Misc.
See the Conquering Hero comes. JMP.058

"63" by Handel for D of CumberlandScotland.Air
Jockeys Hornpipe,The. JMP.059 -- Jack in the horse Course. JMP.059 -- Harmonious Blacksmith,aka. JMP.059

"64...Harmonious Blacksmith"Scotland.Hornpipe
Carolan's Recpt for drinking Whiskey. JMP.060

Lovily Nimph. JMP.061

Wests Hornpipe. JMP.062

Donald Blew. JMP.063

"68"Scotland.Scots Measure
Grants Hornpipe. JMP.064 -- Chester Castle,aka. JMP.064 -- Recruit,The,aka. JMP.064

Croppies ly Down. JMP.065

"70...Quick Step"Scotland.Jig
Quick Step. JMP.066

42 Regmt Farewell.The,(etc). JMP.067 -- Farewell to Edinbourghe,aka. JMP.067 -- Miss Forbes Farewell. JMP.067 -- Bill Hall's no2,aka. JMP.067

"72...Miss Forbes Farewell." EdinburghScotland.Misc.
Soldiers Joy,The. JMP.068

Miss Baker's Hornpipe,aka. JMP.069

Morning Stare(!),The. JMP.071

My Nanny O. JMP.072

"77"Scotland.Scots Measure?
Flowers of Edinbrough. JMP.073

Quick March. JMP.074

Collon Campbells Quick Step. JMP.004

"7 M.G."Scotland.March
Quick March. JMP.075

Smack of the Whip,The. JMP.076

"81...A Retreat"Scotland.Slip Jig
Sarah Drummond of Perth. JMP.005

Never Give Over. JaW.176

"...a 3 reel"England.Strathspey?
Patronello. WI.094 -- Petronella,aka. WI.094

"a country dance"England.Country Dance
Triumph,The. WI.101

"a Country Dance"England.Country Dance
Flim's Castle. Car.21

"A Country Dance"England.Country Dance
March by Dobney TS.012

"a favorite Scotch Air" DobneyLincolnshiremarch
Jig in Harlequin Amulet. JJo.126 -- Harlequin Amulet. JJo.126 -- Garryowen,aka. JJo.126

"A Favourite"
Jockey To The Fair. JBi.67

"A favourit song"England.Jig
Minuet,A. JaW.097

"..A Good One"England.Minuet
Minuet,A. JaW.089

"A Good One"England.Minuet
Minuet. JaW.098

"A Good One"England.Minuet
Paddy Carey. JaW.108

"A Good One"England.Jig
Rigadoon,A. JaW.090

"A Good One"England.Rigadoon
Dutches Hamilton,of Wedicarmear(?). JaW.165 -- Duchess of Hamilton's Rant,aka. JaW.165

"...A Good Scotch Tune"England.Jig
Cheshire Round. JaW.186

"..a good tune"England.Triple H'pipe
Gracious Lady. JaW.085

"...A Good Tune"England.Air
Bugle March,The. JaW.114

"A Good Tune"England.March
Fisher's Hornpipe. JaW.304

"A Good Tune"England.Hornpipe
Minuet,A. JaW.086

"A Good Tune"England.Minuet
Minuet. JaW.068

"A Good Tune"England.Minuet
Rigadoon,A. JaW.088

"A Good Tune"England.Rigadoon
Spring Gardens Hornpipe. BF13.068

"A great favourite"England.Hornpipe
Morning Hymn TS.266

"A Greek Air" written next to titleLincolnshireair
Billy's A Bonney Lad. JaW.051

"..a gud reel"England.Reel
Ironlegs. WI.107

"a hornpipe"England.Hornipe
Nancy Dawson. JaW.274

"a Hornpipe"England.Jig
Bonny Crossing The Alps. WI.055 -- Boney Crossing... WI.055

"A Hornpipe"England.Hornpipe
Circassian Circle. WI.069

"A Hornpipe"England.Hornpipe
Soldier's Joy. HS.34

"A Hornpipe"Walthwaite,nr.Ambleside..Hornpipe
Windermere Regatta. WI.035

"A Hornpipe"England.Hornpipe
Sayler's Delight. JaW.178

"..a Hornpipe"England.Triple H'pipe
Stybarrow Crag. WI.027 -- Sunderland Pier,aka. WI.027

"A Hornpipe by Hamilton"England.Hornpipe
Raughton Head. WI.056

"A Hornpipe, by J.Adams"England.Hornpipe
Hawk,The. JMT.054

"A Hornpipe by James Hill".Hornpipe
Dalston Forge. WI.049

"A Hornpipe by Wm. Adams"England.Hornpipe
Latrigg Side. WI.051

"A Hornpipe, by Wm. Irwin"England.Hornpipe
Here's A Health To All Good Lasses. WI.095

"air for violin + piano duet"England.Air
Be A Good Boy... JaW.171

"..and take care of yourself.England.Air
Boyne,The. HA.051

"....A New ..(?) ..(?)"England.March
... Fete?. Quick March. JaW.130 -- Weymouth Quickstep,aka. JaW.130

"A New ....."?England.Quickstep
Through The Wood Laddie,Old Way. JaW.179

" ould way of playing it"England.Air
Mrs McLeod . ST.25

"- A Popular Dance"England.Reel
Miss McLeod. JaW.298

"a Popular dance or Highland Gallop"England.Reel
Wind That Blows The Barley,The. HS.33

"A Reel"Walthwaite,nr.Ambleside..Reel
Chamber's Lilt. JaW.189

"A Reel Or Jig"England.Jig
Barley Raking. JaW.072

"A reel or Jigg"England.Jig
Weel May The Kiel Row. HS.28 -- Keel Row,aka. HS.28

"As a schottische"Walthwaite,nr.Ambleside..Scottische
New Ballopp,The. HA.068 -- Scotch Tune,A. HA.068

"A Scotch Tune", in a different handEngland
Lucy Long. HS.43

"A Set Of Quadrilles,No.1"Walthwaite,nr.Ambleside..Quadrille
Harvest Moon. HS.07

"A Set of Quadrilles,No1"Walthwaite,nr.Ambleside..jig
Sweet Susan. JaW.188

"A Song Tune, May The 9th 1835"England.Air
Miss Gayton's Hp,aka. WI.071

"as played at the theatre, Carlisle", untitled in MS.England.Hornpipe
Summer Is Coming. WI.088

"a splendid reel"England.Reel
Oh What a Row. RHu.018 -- Adventures of a Steam Packet,The,aka. RHu.018 -- Da Ferry Reel,aka. RHu.018 -- Picnickery,aka. RHu.018

as sung by James Barnes,N.Y.,1822
Untitled. JBa.82

At end is written 'November 20 1769'England.march
Lawson's Delight. HA.078

Back to Original HandEngland
Scotch Tune,A. HA.098

Back to original HandEngland
Untitled. HA.057

Back to original HandEngland
Fox Hunter. JBa.20 -- Balby a Rieving? JBa.20 -- Buckle My Shoe,aka. JBa.20

"Balby a Rieving"?England.jig
Beethoven Waltz. CJF.119

Beethoven's Waltz. CJF.019

Beethoven ?EnglandWaltz
Ronda. ST.06 -- Ode To Joy,aka. ST.06

When Arthur First to Kirk.. WI.104

"..began to wear long hanging sleaves"England.Air
Cynthia,La. CJF.065 -- La Cynthia. CJF.065

Pythia,La. CJF.064 -- La Pythia. CJF.064

King!God bless him,The. CJF.051

On this cold flinty Rock. CJF.040

Tho' Love is warm awhile. CJF.081

All's Well.2voices. JMT.084

Lady Montgomery's Reel. RHu.095

by 12th Earl of Eglintoun (Col. Hugh Montgomerie)Reel
Dr. Stanley's Hp.(incomplete). WI.066

"by A. Banks"England.Hornpipe
New Drop Hornpipe. BF13.066

"By Adams"England.Hornpipe
Paties Mill. JC.219 -- Lass Of Patty's Mill, aka. JC.219

by Allan Ramsay, 18th C.EnglandAir
Hon'ble Mrs. Scott's Reel. RH.145

"by A.Mackintosh"EnglandReel
Summers Flowers. BF13.089

"by Bishop"England.Air
148 Psalm New Ver.. WHG.073

by CarkEnglandhymn
Handel's Clarinet.2Parts. TLY.016

by Handel?just guessing!England..Air
Waltz. CJF.229

"by Herz"EnglandWaltz 32
Waltz. CJF.231

"by Herz"EnglandWaltz 32
Slave,The. RH.491 -- Sloe,The,aka. RH.491

"by H.R.Bishop, 1816"EnglandCountry Dance
Orton Lodge. WI.064

by IrwinEngland.Quadrille
Egg Hornpipe. JC.253 -- Fisher's Hornpipe, aka. JC.253 -- Blanchard's Hornpipe, aka. JC253

by James Arnold Fishar, dir. at Covent Garden during 1770's.EnglandHp
James Knight's Hornpipe,aka. JBu.57

'By James Knight a Blindman' untitled in MS, titled per above inscriptionEngland,South Yorkshire.hornpipe
Election Tune,June 1826. JGi.184

'by J.Hawson'Tealby,LincolnshireAir
Rest Warrior Rest. CJF.187

"(by M. Kelly)"EnglandAir
Aldriges Hornpipe. JMP.070 -- Shutter's Hp,aka. JMP.070

by Morgan "75"Scotland.Hornpipe
Henrietta's Favourite TS.268

'By Mr Clark 1840' In different hand CLincolnshirejig
Trip To Netherby,A. Car.17

"by Mr Hill"England.Air
Caller Herring,(Scotch). JMT.104

by Nat.GowEngland.Reel
Cawler Herring. RH.166 -- Caller Herring,aka. RH.166

by Nathaniel GowEnglandAir
Rowley Belt's #2Hornpipe,aka TS.225

'By Rowley Belt' untitled in MSLincolnshire.hornpipe
Trumpet Solo,Violino Primo. TBe.073

"By Senior Nicola" (Matteis?)England.air
Strauss Gallop. HS.50

"by Strauss"Walthwaite,nr.Ambleside..Gallop
Hewitson's Hp. WI.084

"by S.W., Wigton, Cumberland"England.Hornpipe
Tench's Hornpipe,aka. JMT.009 -- Hornpipe by Tench,A. JMT.009

by Tench?England.Hornpipe
Waterloo Medal,The. CJF.181

"by T.H.Bayly"EnglandAir
50th Psalm. WHG.072

by Thos. ClarkEnglandhymn
Brown Paper Hornpipe. FK.30 -- Johnston's Hp.,aka. FK.30

"by Thos. Pickering, MS 40 p.27"England
Elterwater Quickstep. HS.56 -- Lamb Skinnet,aka. HS.56

By William Irwin, perhaps?..Walthwaite,nr.Ambleside..Jig
Elterwater Hornpipe. HS.55

"By W.Irwin"Walthwaite,nr.Ambleside..Hornpipe
William Irwin's Quickstep. WI.047

by W.IrwinEngland.March
Briggham Hornpipe. WI.052

"by W.Irwin"England.Hornpipe
Miss Greenup's Reel. WI.054

"by W.Irwin"England.Reel
Miss Greenup's Strathspey. WI.053

"by W.Irwin"England.Strathspey
Orton Hornpipe. WI.063 -- Manchester Hp?aka. WI.063 -- Rickett's Hp?aka. WI.063

"by Wm Irwin"England.Hornpipe
Elterwater Hornpipe. WI.060

"by Wm. Irwin"England.Hornpipe
Lal(Little) Schottische,The. WI.092

"by Wm. Irwin"England.Schottische
Quadrille,A. WI.080

"by Wm. Irwin"England.Quadrille
Iron And Coke Hornpipe,aka. WI.086

"by Wm. Irwin",untitledEngland.Hornipe
Mr. Irwin's Favourite Waltz. WI.077

"by Wm. Robinson"England.Waltz
Netley Abbey. RH.447

by Wm.Shield,1794Englandjig
Mozarts Waltz,1. TLY.027

Can't think..England..Waltz
Spanish Dollar TS.117

Cendrillon,La. CJF.052 -- La Cendrillon. CJF.052

Villager's Waltz,The. CJF.199

Carl Maria von WeberEnglandWaltz
Freichuzt's Quadrille, Der TS.207 -- Freischutz Quadrille,Der,aka TS.207 -- Huntsman's Chorus,aka TS.207

Carl Maria von Weber 1821Lincolnshirequadrille
Hunters Chorus to Der Friechuzt TS.212

Carl Maria von Weber 1821Lincolnshireair
Princess Royal. JaW.303

CarolanEngland.Country Dance
Freers Quick Step. JGi.138 -- Highland Laddie,aka.

'Castor'Tealby,Lincolnshirequick step
Heaving of the Lead. JC.065

Charles DibdinEnglandAir
Poor Jack. JJo.008

Charles Dibdin
Song Long Paw. JJo.053 -- Nong Tong Paw,aka. JJo.053

Charles Dibdin
True Courage. TJD.56

(Charles Dibdin)Song
Mr. Wildbore's Far(e)well. TBe.058

Charles RoeEngland.air
Fairy Dance. JC.156

claimed by Nathaniel GowEnglandReel
Waterloo Dance,The. JGi.083

'Clarinet'Tealby,Lincolnshirequick step
Grand Quickstep,A. JaW.315

"Clarinet Primo"England.March
Scotch Reel,A. JaW.125

"Clarinette Primo"England.Jig
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