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Indian Queen,The. JMP.008 -- Quick Step London[?derry],A. JMP.008

McPhersons Lamentation. JMP.009

"12...a quick march"Scotland.March
Quick Step. JMP.010

Jack Holmes Reel,aka. JMP.011 -- Lady Nellie Wemyss,aka. JMP.011

"14...Quick March"Scotland.March
Quick Step. JMP.012

Quick March. JMP.013

Quick March. JMP.015

Boyne Watter.JMP.016 -- Boyne Water,aka. JMP.016

Mr C.Clark's Hornpipe TS.250

"1812" in brackets follows title in MSLincolnshire.hornpipe
Sicilian Dance,The. GS.067

Come hast to the Wedding. JaW.007 -- Haste To The Wedding,aka. JaW.007 -- Rural Felicity,aka. JaW.007

Paddy Wack. JaW.006

Queen Caroline's Waltz. WI.013

"1838 Waltz"England.Waltz
Soldier ladie,The. JMP.018 -- Soldier Laddie,aka. JMP.018

Bonnet Makers of Dundee,The. JMP.019

Miss Mcleod. JaW.214

"20 of June 1842"England.Reel
Haughs of Cromsell,The. JMP.020 -- Haughs of Cromdale,The,aka. JMP.020

"21",Haughs of Cromdale,Scotland.reel
For a' that. JMP.021

"22...a quick march"Scotland.March
Up and War them Willie. JMP.022

"23...A Quick March"Scotland.March
Green Grow the Rashes. JMP.023

"24...A Quick March"Scotland.March
Through the long Mure. JMP.024

Drogheadia militia slow march. JMP.025

Quick March. JMP.026 -- Sussex Polka,aka. JMP.026

42 Regt. Quick March. JMP.027 -- Black Watch,aka. JMP.027

St Patrick's Day in The Morning. JaW.102 -- Barbary Bells,aka. JaW.102

2A + 2B = 40 bars.England.Jig
La Sansonnette

2. H\"alfte des 20. Jahrhunderts Dominique ForgesSchottische
Sherriff Muir. WI.083 -- Kafoozalum,aka. WI.083

"2nd set from Gow's Collection"England.Schottisch
Mareys Dream. JMP.028

"31...a hornpipe"Scotland.Hornpipe
Smiths Hornpipe. JMP.030

Whistle oure the leave o't. JMP.029 -- Royal Highland Fus. March,aka. JMP.029

York & Lenox. JMP.031

Quick March,A. JMP.032

Paddy Whak. JMP.034

Prince of Wales' March. JMP.037

Blanchards Hornpipe. JMP.039 -- Fishers,aka. JMP.039 -- Egg,aka. JMP.039

"38...or Fishers"Scotland.Hornpipe
Quick Step. JMP.001

Blacks Hornpipe. JMP.036 -- Lady Flashdash,aka. JMP.036 -- Back of the Haggard,aka. JMP.036 -- Kershaw's Hp.,aka. JMP.036

Catren Haie. JMP.042 -- Sandy Duff's Reel,aka. JMP.042

"46...Alex Duff"Scotland.Misc.
Retreat,The. JMP.043

Omaghs Lock. JMP.044

Push About The Jorum. JaW.224

4 stave book startsEngland.Country Dance
Jacksons Marrai(?). JMP.002

Push around the gorom. JMP.045 -- Push around the jorum,aka. JMP.045

March. JMP.046

Madam you know my trade is war. JMP.047

37 Regt. March,The. JMP.048

Queens March. JMP.49

Colnel Hornars March. JMP.050

March. JMP.052

Gardiners Frolick. JMP.055 -- Lilling Hall,aka. JMP.055 -- Linnen Hall,aka. JMP.055

Tipperary Militia Quick March. JMP.054

Kellie Cranky. JMP.055 -- Killicrankie,aka. JMP.055

"60...a Favourite Scotsh tune"Scotland.Air
Lass of Richmond Hill,The. JMP.056

Go to Berweck Jockey. JMP.057

"62...a Retreat"Scotland.Misc.
See the Conquering Hero comes. JMP.058

"63" by Handel for D of CumberlandScotland.Air
Jockeys Hornpipe,The. JMP.059 -- Jack in the horse Course. JMP.059 -- Harmonious Blacksmith,aka. JMP.059

"64...Harmonious Blacksmith"Scotland.Hornpipe
Carolan's Recpt for drinking Whiskey. JMP.060

Lovily Nimph. JMP.061

Wests Hornpipe. JMP.062

Donald Blew. JMP.063

"68"Scotland.Scots Measure
Grants Hornpipe. JMP.064 -- Chester Castle,aka. JMP.064 -- Recruit,The,aka. JMP.064

Croppies ly Down. JMP.065

"70...Quick Step"Scotland.Jig
Quick Step. JMP.066

42 Regmt Farewell.The,(etc). JMP.067 -- Farewell to Edinbourghe,aka. JMP.067 -- Miss Forbes Farewell. JMP.067 -- Bill Hall's no2,aka. JMP.067

"72...Miss Forbes Farewell." EdinburghScotland.Misc.
Soldiers Joy,The. JMP.068

Miss Baker's Hornpipe,aka. JMP.069

Morning Stare(!),The. JMP.071

My Nanny O. JMP.072

"77"Scotland.Scots Measure?
Flowers of Edinbrough. JMP.073

Quick March. JMP.074

Collon Campbells Quick Step. JMP.004

"7 M.G."Scotland.March
Quick March. JMP.075

Smack of the Whip,The. JMP.076

"81...A Retreat"Scotland.Slip Jig
Sarah Drummond of Perth. JMP.005

Never Give Over. JaW.176

"...a 3 reel"England.Strathspey?
Patronello. WI.094 -- Petronella,aka. WI.094

"a country dance"England.Country Dance
Triumph,The. WI.101

"a Country Dance"England.Country Dance
Flim's Castle. Car.21

"A Country Dance"England.Country Dance
the Barrow burn

Addie HarperScotlandReel
March by Dobney TS.012

"a favorite Scotch Air" DobneyLincolnshiremarch
Jig in Harlequin Amulet. JJo.126 -- Harlequin Amulet. JJo.126 -- Garryowen,aka. JJo.126

"A Favourite"
Jockey To The Fair. JBi.67

"A favourit song"England.Jig
Minuet,A. JaW.097

"..A Good One"England.Minuet
Minuet,A. JaW.089

"A Good One"England.Minuet
Minuet. JaW.098

"A Good One"England.Minuet
Paddy Carey. JaW.108

"A Good One"England.Jig
Rigadoon,A. JaW.090

"A Good One"England.Rigadoon
Dutches Hamilton,of Wedicarmear(?). JaW.165 -- Duchess of Hamilton's Rant,aka. JaW.165

"...A Good Scotch Tune"England.Jig
Cheshire Round. JaW.186

"..a good tune"England.Triple H'pipe
Gracious Lady. JaW.085

"...A Good Tune"England.Air
Bugle March,The. JaW.114

"A Good Tune"England.March
Fisher's Hornpipe. JaW.304

"A Good Tune"England.Hornpipe
Minuet,A. JaW.086

"A Good Tune"England.Minuet
Minuet. JaW.068

"A Good Tune"England.Minuet
Rigadoon,A. JaW.088

"A Good Tune"England.Rigadoon
Spring Gardens Hornpipe. BF13.068

"A great favourite"England.Hornpipe
Morning Hymn TS.266

"A Greek Air" written next to titleLincolnshireair
Billy's A Bonney Lad. JaW.051

"..a gud reel"England.Reel
Ironlegs. WI.107

"a hornpipe"England.Hornipe
Nancy Dawson. JaW.274

"a Hornpipe"England.Jig
Bonny Crossing The Alps. WI.055 -- Boney Crossing... WI.055

"A Hornpipe"England.Hornpipe
Circassian Circle. WI.069

"A Hornpipe"England.Hornpipe
Soldier's Joy. HS.34

"A Hornpipe"Walthwaite,nr.Ambleside..Hornpipe
Windermere Regatta. WI.035

"A Hornpipe"England.Hornpipe
Sayler's Delight. JaW.178

"..a Hornpipe"England.Triple H'pipe
Stybarrow Crag. WI.027 -- Sunderland Pier,aka. WI.027

"A Hornpipe by Hamilton"England.Hornpipe
Raughton Head. WI.056

"A Hornpipe, by J.Adams"England.Hornpipe
Hawk,The. JMT.054

"A Hornpipe by James Hill".Hornpipe
Dalston Forge. WI.049

"A Hornpipe by Wm. Adams"England.Hornpipe
Latrigg Side. WI.051

"A Hornpipe, by Wm. Irwin"England.Hornpipe
Here's A Health To All Good Lasses. WI.095

"air for violin + piano duet"England.Air
3 Wet Moose

Alan DawsonEngland
Alan's Jig

Alan DawsonEnglandJig
Alans Reinländer

Alan DawsonEnglandReinländer
Dance of the Vugs

Alan DawsonEngland
the Mouse in the Sports Hold-All

Alan DawsonEngland
Culburnie Cottage

Alasdair Fraser
The Successful Premedical Student (for Krissi)

Alex FurchesUSA
Quen a omagen da Virgen

Alfonso el Sabio
Hot Rivets -- From Steel Skies

Alistair Anderson
Old Tannery, The

Alistair Anderson
Skinners Arms, The

Alistair Anderson
Syncopace - The Shipley Set - 1st tune -- Air

Alistair AndersonAir
Syncopace - The Shipley Set - 2nd tune -- Shipley Hornpipe

Alistair AndersonHornpipe played with dotted rhythm
Syncopace - The Shipley Set - 3rd tune -- Bransle

Alistair AndersonBransle
Syncopace - The Shipley Set - 4th tune -- Shipley Jig

Alistair AndersonJig
Syncopace - The Shipley Set - 5th (final) tune -- Reel

Alistair AndersonReel
Monicas´ Slangpolska

Anders ÅdinSwedenSlängpolska
Gånglåt fran Mockfjärd (Frisells gånglåt)

Anders FrisellSwedenGånglåt
Schottische: Sorbet Shuffle

Andrew Swaine
Be A Good Boy... JaW.171

"..and take care of yourself.England.Air
Bay Tree

Andy CuttingEnglandWaltz
Fergie - the true story

Andy CuttingJig

Andy Cutting
The History Man

Andy CuttingSchottische
In Continental Mood

Andy CuttingMazurka
In Continental Mood

Andy CuttingMazurka
In Continental Mood

Andy CuttingMazurka (or waltz)
Walled Garden Waltz

Andy CuttingWaltz
2 Francs Worth

Andy HornbyEnglandReel
And Another Thing

Andy HornbyEnglandJig
Bashful Alley

Andy HornbyEnglandSlip Jig
the Broken String

Andy HornbyEnglandMazurka
Butchers of Droitwich

Andy HornbyEngland
Butter Side Up

Andy HornbyEnglandSlip Jig
The Caribou

Andy Hornby
the Castle O'Trim

Andy HornbyEngland
Clocks Back Jig

Andy HornbyEngland48 bar jig
Clocks Back Jig

Andy HornbyEnglandJig
Deep Cutting

Andy HornbyEnglandHornpipe
Denny Beck

Andy HornbyEnglandWaltz

Andy HornbyEnglandWaltz
Farewell to Nun Street

Andy HornbyEngland
the February March

Andy HornbyEnglandMarch
Fiona's Return from Canada

Andy HornbyEnglandReel
Fluff on the Carpet

Andy HornbyEnglandReel
Freehold Polka

Andy HornbyEnglandPolka
la Grande Tortue Blue

Andy HornbyEngland
Gwenda's Welcome to Lancaster

Andy HornbyEngland
the Hangover

Andy HornbyEngland
Harum Scarum

Andy HornbyEnglandPolka
Henry's Cat

Andy HornbyEnglandHornpipe
Herald of Bores

Andy HornbyEngland

Andy HornbyEngland

Andy HornbyEngland
Jenkin's Rise

Andy HornbyEnglandJig
the Jocular Constable

Andy HornbyEnglandSchottische
the Jolly Boaters

Andy HornbyEnglandJig
Juliet's Mazurka

Andy HornbyEnglandMazurka
Jul polska

Andy HornbyEnglandPolska
Mabbers gate

Andy HornbyEngland
Major Coxcomb's Mazurka

Andy HornbyEnglandMazurka

Andy HornbyEnglandReel
Mazurka du Lally

Andy HornbyEnglandMazurka
Mr. Hornby's Minuet

Andy HornbyEnglandMinuet
the New Dresser

Andy HornbyEnglandSlow Air
Off the Handel -- Ashton's Folly

Andy HornbyEngland
Paddy Mulligans Jig

Andy HornbyEnglandJig
Pay the Piper

Andy HornbyEnglandReel
Pheasant Feathers

Andy HornbyEngland
the Pogo Stick

Andy HornbyEnglandMazurka
Polka for Charles

Andy HornbyEnglandPolka
the Rabbit Men

Andy HornbyEnglandHornpipe
the Recovery

Andy HornbyEnglandPolka
les Retro-Glisseurs

Andy HornbyEngland
Sally's Jig

Andy HornbyEnglandJig
a Scotsman in Mexico

Andy HornbyEnglandReel
Snade Mill

Andy HornbyEngland
Spanish Dream

Andy HornbyEnglandJig
St. Andrews Breakdown

Andy HornbyEnglandReel
Sur les Falaises

Andy Hornby
Talk me out of it

Andy HornbyEngland
Timely Consent

Andy HornbyEngland
the Trip to Slaidburn

Andy HornbyEnglandJig
the Wedding Waltz

Andy HornbyEnglandWaltz
Wendy's Waltz

Andy HornbyEnglandWaltz
the Windmill Rag

Andy HornbyEnglandRag
the Woodville Waltz

Andy HornbyEnglandWaltz
the Wyresdale Hornpipe

Andy HornbyEnglandTriple Hornpipe
Young Andrew's Gallop

Andy HornbyEngland
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