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General Interest

Aird's Airs (vols 1 - 3) (594 tunes)
A Selection of Scotch, English, Irish, and Foreign Airs, adapted for the Fife, Violin or German Flute; printed and sold by I.A. Aird, Glasgow (?1780?)

Hanny Christen (mirror) (2294 tunes)
Die Schweizer Volksmusik-Sammlung aus dem Nachlass von Hanny Christen. Eine umfassende Sammlung der Schweizer Tanzmusik zwischen 1830 und 1960.

John of the Greeny Cheshire Way (86 tunes)
This is the first portion of John Offord's book of the same name, a collection of many 3 / 2 hornpipes :- transcribed by Steve Bliven and made available to the 'net by permission of Mr Offord. The book is now, sadly, out of print.

Some Ukrainian tunes (41 tunes)
A collection of Ukrainian folk dance tunes typed up and sent by Orest Lechnowsky , who called it "Humenyuk". I don't know what that means, or anything more about it.

Village Music Project (mirror) (4967 tunes)
the Village Music Project

William Marshall (311 tunes)
These tunes were originally contributed in 2005 by Clark Bernst. More recently, I've been revising them to add in Marshall's bass parts, plus some ornaments that got missed in the original transcriptions.

Winder manuscripts (651 tunes)
This is a collection of manuscripts kept by the Winder family, of Dolphinhome, Wyresdale, Lancashire, originally written down by various instrument-playing family members. There are 3 separate bundles of dance-type tunes (said to date from 1789, 1823, and 1835-41) and also, I believe, a quantity of "West Gallery"-style vocal arrangements, which I've not seen and which aren't included here. Yet. Along with all this were a couple of little books, which follow the manuscripts below.


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