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Very old geeky stuff

These really are very old by now, I haven't checked any of this out for many years, but for what it's still worth, if anything ...

Many years ago, I got briefly interested in MusicXML, to the extent of writing up A page concerning MusicXml with some stuff on that a few people seemed to find interesting - by which I mean that every few years I get an email asking if it's still around. So here it is, just in case that happens again.

An even longer time ago, I thought it might be a good idea to recompile the abc2midi parser as a shared library, so I did that and then did some stuff around it and with it, including a perl wrapper. The abc2midi Parser as a Shared Library. I ended up thinking that it wouldn't be useful enough without more work than I had room for, and haven't looked at it for years, but if anybody feels like tinkering with it they're welcome..

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