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About Richard Robinson's Tunebook

There are also a few other lists of the tunes here, in different formats.

What ?
There are two sorts of things here, tunes and documents. A tune is what I guess you'd expect - a transcription of a bunch of notes, with a title and a key-signature and so on. A document is the digital equivalent of a pile of paper - a collection of tunes that somebody has transcribed in a particular order for a particular reason - an old book, a 200yo manuscript found in someone's attic, a set list, a band book, maybe just a bunch of random tunes that someone thought were particularly interesting ... like the paper equivalent, they may contain text as well as tunes. The tunes referred to in these documents are all part of the 'Tunes' listings along with everything else.

How ?
The site's powered by ABC, which is a neat way of writing out tunes in a way that programs can understand, so as to produce the stuff available on this site. Since that's been taken care of, this is already more than you need to know about it, but the material is available in ABC format if you're interested. See here for more.

Updated Spring 2020
This site is now much simplified from the previous version - there are no facilities for online submission and editing of material any more, and consequently no need for users to login. That stuff was always overcomplicated, horribly slow and a nightmare to maintain, and losing it is no loss because no-one's used any of it for years. People have preferred to email me stuff and have me feed it in behind the scenes, so I think it's best to go with that - the website is much more responsive, and it makes things vastly simpler from my point of view.

So, it's easy to contribute stuff, just mail me the ABC at the address in the page footer and I'll do what's necessary. Here is some stuff about
how the site's ABC works.

Please consider making a contribution towards the upkeep of this site.

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