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A Little Rant

What to call these ? I think we all have some idea of what I mean, but how to pin it down in a neat label ? 'Folk music' is so widely overused as to be more or less meaningless, if it ever wasn't, what with every singer/songwriter in the world, and then that bloke who never heard the horses singing. 'Traditional' might seem neater, but all music comes out of some tradition or other, doesn't it ? 'Aural tradition' would help to exclude the stuff that's done by getting together in large numbers and calling yourselves an orchestra (which is a whole other set of traditions in itself), but does that get problematical in the context of a database full of notation ? As of the early 21st century, it's hardly even the prevailing tradition - around the live-music pubs of my town, 'aural tradition' seems to mean mostly rhythm and blues - which is fine, but not what I'm talking about. And you do know what I am talking about, don't you ?

Perhaps we could say that there's a tradition of its being traditional ?

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