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the Winter's Tale

Title     the Winter's Tale
Area     Wyresdale, Lancashire
Bibliography     H.S.J. Jackson, 1823
Time_Signature     4/4
Notes     penultimate bar of 2nd part has a # sign on C. I'm not sure what it's
  supposed to mean, since there are no Cs in the bar
Country     England
Transcriber     Richard Robinson
Link     Photocopy (75 dpi)
  Photocopy (300 dpi)
Page     038
TranscriptionNotes     Some guesswork here owing to imperfect legibility
Key_Signature     Bb

This tune occurs in 1 document :- 2 - H.S.J. Jackson, 1823

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Contributed by Richard Robinson Wed Aug 29 16:02:00 2007
Last edited Sun May 20 13:21:15 2012

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