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Slow March,2. TLY.043

Title     Slow March,2. TLY.043
Area     Lancashire.
Bibliography     Village Music project, Tildsley, William
History     1860.
Time_Signature     4/4
Notes     bar 1 is marked with a sign. Bars 9,10, 1313 and 14 are marked f, and
  have dotted quaver-semiquaver crothcet rhythm marked under the crotchet
  rests. End of bar 16 is marked with a sign. Minim A in bar 24 is marked
Country     England.
Rhythm     .March
Source     Wm.Tildesley,Swinton,Lancs.1860s.
Transcriber     vmp.Taz Tarry.
Mirrorred-From     http://www.village-music-project.org.uk/abc/tildsley.abc
Key_Signature     G

This tune occurs in 1 document :- Tildsley, William

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