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Rheinl\ander CGF (ABAC) (RL09387)

Title     Rheinl\"ander CGF (ABAC) (RL09387)
Time_Signature     2/4
Country     Switzerland
Part_Order     ABAC
Rhythm     rheinl\"ander
Source     Hanny Christen. Bd.X Unterwalden II. Glarus.
  T\"anze aus dem Kanton Nidwalden. S.178-219. S.214 (RL09387) orig. C,G,F
  \"Uberliefert durch Karl Feierabend und Sepp Linder (*1883)
Key_Signature     C

This tune occurs in 1 document :- Bd10_sep2016

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Contributed by piush Sun Sep 25 16:29:11 2016
Last edited Sun Jul 16 18:37:55 2017

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