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Master John Romily

Title     Master John Romily
Bibliography     William Marshall Volume 2nd Of A Collection Of Scottish Melodies (1845)
Composer     William Marshall
Time_Signature     C
Notes     In the bass line, bar 3 of the 1st part is marked with an "8" underneath,
  with dotted lines indicating that it continues to apply up to the end of bar 5 of the second part.
  I can't find an ABC notation for this, and am not sure what it's intended to mean;
  the context suggests, double the notes an octave below ?
Country     Scotland
Rhythm     Reel
Transcriber     Clark Bernst + Richard Robinson
Page     11 - 1
Key_Signature     F

This tune occurs in 1 document :- William Marshall's Scottish Melodies, Reels, Strathspeys volume 2nd (1845)

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