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The merry merry Milke Maids

Title     The merry merry Milke Maids
History     One of the verses in "The Milkemaid's Life" describes an 18th century
  May Day custom in which the milkmaids and the sweeps dance in the
  street with a garland.
Time_Signature     6/8
Rhythm     Jig
Words     Upon the first of May, with garlands fresh and gay
  With mirth and
  music sweet, for such a season meet
  They pass their time
  They dance away sorrow, and all the day thorow
  Their legs do
  never fail
  They nimbly their feet to ply
  And bravely try the
  In honour o' th' milking pail, in honour ...
Key_Signature     CMix

This tune occurs in 1 document :- Playford

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