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Faine I would -- The King's Complaint -- Parthenia

Title     Faine I would
  The King's Complaint
History     Original instructions: "As at Oxford" Having lost London to Cromwell,
  Charles I convened a royalist parliament in Oxford in 1644. A
  supporter of Charles I, John Playford continued a royalist at heart and
  again served as printer to the king at the restoration of Charles II.
Time_Signature     6/8
Rhythm     Jig
Words     Faine I would, if I could
  By any means obteine
  Leave of my best
  Masters to sit with them againe
  But my blest Parliment ÿ
  never give consent
  They say tis such a thinge
  Ffor the worst of
  them's a Kinge
  Wee will rule still ÿ
  In spight of Cavalieres
  brave house of Commons
  O brave house of Peeres
  Religion you have
  pull'd downe
  And soe you have the crowne
  My laws & Kingdome
  I think the Devill's in you
  Else you'll not endure
  Such a
  constant flood
  All of childrens teares
  And theire dead Fathers
  blood ...
Key_Signature     GDor

This tune occurs in 1 document :- Playford

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