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Hearts Ease

Title     Hearts Ease
History     There are two distinct tunes named "Heartsease" and considerable
  differences of opinion as to whether any of the known lyrics fit either
  of them. The earliest lyric is "a songe to the tune of hartes ease"
  from Thomas Richardes' play on an Italian model, called "Misogonus" (c.
  1560). Although it scans well, the text is arranged in short verses
  which would only use half the dance tune, implying that an earlier tune
  by this name may have had only one strain.
  Richard Dering's
  catch "Cries of London" is set to the A strain.
  Hearts-ease in
  16th century herbal culture was the little wild pansy, known today as
  Johnny-jump-up. It was also called "Love in Idleness".
Time_Signature     6/8
Rhythm     Jig
Words     Misogonus:
  Singe care away with sport & playe
  Pasttime is all our
  Yf well we fare, for nought we care
  In mearth our
  constant treasure ...
  A cooper I am, and have been
  long, and hooping is my trade
  And married man am I to as pretty a
  wench as ever God hath made
Key_Signature     GDor

This tune occurs in 1 document :- Playford

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