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Sedauny -- Dargason

Title     Sedauny
History     With two titles of Welsh derivation, both of which escape convincing
  explanation, this unique progressive dance is paired with a 16th
  century double-tonic circular tune of haunting familiarity. The title
  of the song also connects the tune to Wales, Shropshire lying in the
  foothills on the English side of the border.
Time_Signature     6/8
Rhythm     Jig
Words     Chappell quotes the first of 16 verses set to this tune in the 17th
  The Shrop-shire Wakes, or hey for Christmas, being the
  delightful sports of most countries, to the tune of
  Come Robin, Ralph, and little Harry
  And merry
  Thomas to our green
  Where we shall meet with Bridget and Sary
  the finest girls that e'er were seen
  Then hey for Christmas a once
  When we have cakes, with ale and beer
  For at Christmas every
  Young men and maids may dance away
Key_Signature     F

This tune occurs in 1 document :- Playford

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